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How Do You Figure Out If You’ve Made The *Right* Career Choice?

How Do You Figure Out If You’ve Made The *Right* Career Choice?
"Is this really what I want to do for the rest of my life? If only a fortune teller could tell me that yes, I am on the right path, I wouldn’t feel so confused about my career choice." Are these your thoughts too? Well then, we’re gonna try and play soothsayer and help you find out if the career you’ve chosen is right for you.

All you’ve got to do is answer these questions, and be honest when you answer them. Here’s a little trick, the first thought that pops in your head when you read a question - is how you truly feel about it. Hold on to that thought. Okay, then. Here we go!

1 career is right

1. If no one was ready to pay you for it, would you still take a little time out every day to do what you are doing right now?

2. Do you dream a dream so big that it scares you? A dream which you believe your current job will lead you to in some way?

3. Do you get excited when your boss includes you in a new project, one where you can learn new things about your own field, so much that you almost can’t stop thinking of new ways to work upon it - even after work hours?

4. Do you cringe slightly when you have to delegate some of your own work, because you want to make sure that you do it yourself perfectly?

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5. Do you feel that while the job you're doing currently is not the one you want to do all your life, it might lead you to your dream, and get you in touch with the right people?

6. Do you feel a sense of satisfaction with your contribution to your work, at the end of each day?

7. Do you think you’re good at what you are doing - maybe, even slightly better than others might have been?

8. Is it something that your friends and people at work openly appreciate you for?

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9. Do you feel you are completely absorbed in your career right now, and really can’t think of anything else you would rather do?

10. People who are your role models and the people you aim to be like one day, professionally - are they from the same field that you have chosen a career in?

11. Do you look forward to receiving feedback from your seniors, because you know it will only make you better at your work?

12. If you weren’t afraid of your boss, or of the piling bills at home, or of what your successful friends would say - would you still continue with this career?

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13. Are you happy and satisfied with the course you had chosen back in college? (If not, what would you have rather learnt?)

14. When you retire, do you want your professional identity to be the one that your career right now will provide you?

If you answered "Yes" more than you answered "No" - congratulations, you’re in the right place.

If you answered "No" more than you answered "Yes", the alternative that came repeatedly to your mind might be the one you fit better in. It’s time for some introspection, ladies!

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