Are You Making The *Wrong* Fashion Choices? Find Out Now!

Are You Making The *Wrong* Fashion Choices? Find Out Now!
From the moment we wake up, we are faced with multiple choices and decisions we have to make - from the food we eat to the places we go to and the clothes we wear. There are good days when we pick the perfect clothes that make us look and feel good, and then there are days when we unknowingly make the wrong fashion choices that might leave us feeling bleh. To avoid that, here are 5 ways to figure out if you’re making the wrong fashion choices.

1. You’re uncomfortable

Sometimes we tend to overlook the obvious. Uncomfortable clothes and shoes make you feel conscious and tied up, and this might reflect in your body language and facial expressions. This is never a good thing, especially if you’re out meeting people you want to make a good impression on.

2. You’re trying too hard

2 wrong fashion choices

There are days when we just can’t find the right clothes to wear. It happens. It is on these dismal days that we try on everything that we can get our hands on. What happens when we do this is that during our attempts to look good and stylish, we end up trying too hard. Trying too hard means you’re trying on multiple trends and just can’t find the right one. Going with simple basics is a lot better in these situations than going overboard with trends.

3. Your clothes don’t speak of your persona

Everyone has their own unique personality and a style that reflects it. While some may have an edgy persona, others may be a little more toned down and quiet. Stick to outfits that reflect who you are. They will always complement you better than clothes that are not your style at all, even though they might look pretty on the mannequin!

4. You’re constantly checking yourself out

4 wrong fashion choices

If you find yourself checking your reflection out on every random reflective glass that you may cross, then chances are you are not feeling confident in what you're wearing. Be aware of how you feel and behave. You might be doing this unconsciously and it is the easiest way to figure out you’re making the wrong fashion choice.

5. You’re trying to copy

We all have style icons whom we look up to. These people inspire our outfits and the way we carry ourselves. But trying to copy a particular person or style doesn’t always work. An outfit that may look nice on one person may not flatter another. It’s okay to take inspiration from someone but trying to look exactly like that person can be one of the worst fashion choices you can make.

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