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9 Little Changes In Your Room That Can Create *Happy* Vibes!

9 Little Changes In Your Room That Can Create *Happy* Vibes!
Home is where the heart is, yes - but home is also where peace is. And isn’t some quiet and peace what we’re looking for after a long day spent battling the world? Your home can be the best place to leave the stresses of the day behind, and add a lot of positive energy into your life too. Here are 9 tiny transformations you can make to your home in order to make way for more positive vibes!

1. Move unnecessary furniture out, declutter and create empty spaces.

1 create more positive vibes

The size of your room doesn’t matter, what matters is how you use this space available to you. So instead of cramming your room with too many pieces of furniture, pick your favourite few and just leave empty spaces in between. These empty spaces will act as breathing corners and give your whole room a more neat and light feel.

2. Concentrate on getting as much light as possible into your rooms.

2 create more positive vibes

Natural daylight can lift the dark and brooding air, and bring positivity into your life. A thin layer of transparent curtains below your heavy ones is all you need to let soft, natural light pass through your room. But, if you are low on natural light, make sure you get enough bulbs and LED lights to brighten up your room. You can even hang pretty cages and mason jars with fairy lights wrapped around them.

3. House plants and natural products for the win!

3 create more positive vibes

Another way to feel closer to mother nature inside your home is by using products that have a natural element to them. Simple things like wooden bowls, shells, or house plants can do the trick. Also, you must invest in a natural air purifier. It cleans the air you breathe, and in turn, helps you lead a much more healthy life.

4. Also, don’t ignore your bathrooms.

4 create more positive vibes

Make your daily bathing ritual a great experience by placing real flowers in your bathroom. They aren’t just a pretty sight, but will also add a fresh feel to your bathroom and perk you up. You can also add essential oils and sprays in your bathroom, and their aroma will make you feel relaxed and stress free.

5. Balance out all colors carefully.

5 create more positive vibes

Every color exudes an energy that has an effect on your life. The reason so many people paint their homes white is because it is symbolic of natural light and is also easier to mix other colors with. It’s important to balance colors in a room using pillows, bedsheets and other little things. Just like a bright room can have a calming effect on you, similarly a dark room can put you in a foul mood too.

6. Let those windchimes whistle and dream catchers fly.

6 create more positive vibes

There is something quite peaceful about wind chimes singing in the blowing wind. Legend has it that they were used in earlier times to ward off the evil eye, but even today their soothing, gentle sound makes one feel like the world order is in its place.

7. Dress up your walls with positive framed quotes and pictures.

7 create more positive vibes

Putting up positive reminders can have a huge impact on your subconscious. When you look at positive quotes everyday, their messages get recorded in the back of your mind, and stay with you for long after. So make sure you dress up your walls with positive reinforcements and pictures that capture your happiest memories only.

8. Invest in beautiful carpets and pillows.

8 create more positive vibes

Carpets and pillows add a soft element to a room and give it a more comforting look. The sight and touch of them relaxes you instantly and they also create a cosy space for you to relax in.

9. Let your life have background music, always.

9 create more positive vibes

Music feeds your soul, so you must make sure you never lack it in your life. Many people start their mornings with energetic music, because it sets the beat for their entire day after. Make sure you have music playing in your home, and it will make sure your surroundings feel alive and vibrant.

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