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Nails Be Like… Watermelons Are AWESOME (Here’s How To Do It!)

Nails Be Like… Watermelons Are AWESOME (Here’s How To Do It!)

Love playing with colours and dressing your pretty, little nails up? Then this video is for you! Try out this watermelon nail art video because it’s simple and so cute! And guess what? You can do it at home without any hi-fi equipment! Things You Will Need: Nail polish (lime green, watermelon pink, white and black), a toothpick and a piece of non-sticky paper Difficulty Level: As easy as spelling “Hippopotamus” Watch the video now!
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Step 1: Make sure your nails are clean. Step 2: Start by applying the lime green nail polish on either sides of your nails and the bottom of the nail too (It should look like a green-shaped “U”). Also watch: POPxoDIY: How To Perfect Your Water Marble Nail Art! Step 3: Once that dries up, apply white nail polish in the centre (the white nail polish should form a semi-circle). Step 4: After you’ve applied those two layers, there will be some space remaining on the nails for your watermelon pink nail polish. So, go ahead and apply it. Also watch: This Magic DIY Jar Can Take Your Nail Polish Off Completely! Step 5: Make sure you apply the watermelon pink lavishly as this should take up the major part of your nails and the white bit should appear as a rather thin line. Step 6: Now, on a piece of non-sticky paper set aside some black nail polish. Also watch: The ONLY Hacks You Need For Perfect Nails! Step 7: With the help of a toothpick apply the black polish on your nails and make tiny dots (as though they were seeds) And you’re done! Fun, cute and super easy. Go show the world how pretty your nails are!
Published on Jun 20, 2016
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