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What Does Your Watch Reveal About Your Personality?

What Does Your Watch Reveal About Your Personality?
Watches have evolved so much over the years that they’ve gone from basic time-tellers to stylish accessories we can’t live without. You can tell a person's personality when you look at their sartorial choices or the shoes they wear but what also speaks volumes is the kind of watch they wear. Ever wondered what your watch says about you? Read on to find out.

1. Happy-go-lucky girl

If you love to wear a bright watch, then you are most likely to fall into the happy-go-lucky category. You love floral dresses, brunches with your favourite girls and the idea of a novel romance. You’re not very outspoken, and that leads most people to think that you’re shy, but you just like to keep your opinions to yourself. Your fashion choices can be defined as “classic” and you love to be serenaded (you never make it easy for your admirers). Your watch is vibrant, just like your personality. Best teamed with floral dresses or fitted denims. watch says about you

2. The go-getter

Leather straps look classy and signify stability. Girls who love to wear leather strap watches are absolute go-getters and do not shy away from a challenge. You have a more practical approach to life and just like your leather strap, you’re sturdy, dependable and do not stray from your beliefs. These watches look good with almost everything, but they go best with casual tops and jeans! watch says about you

3. The sophisticated diva

Watches with studded dials represent the elegant girl who loves a little drama in life. These stylish watches add a touch of sophistication to your look and are best adorned by women who love a little glamour to light up their outfit. These watches can be worn with semi-formal and casual outfits like a shirt and a pair of jeans (or a t-shirt and shorts) and is simply perfect if you’re the kinds who goes out seeking an adventure. watch says about you

4.The detail-oriented girl

Are you the kind of girl who pays more attention (than is necessary) to details? You probably never step out without your watch that goes about its business looking as serious as you do! You’re always on your toes and love anything that displays superior craftsmanship - just like this white leather strap stunner. It is crafted with so many details, you’ll fall in love at once. It comes with a gold dial and crown and a stunning blue seconds hand. Just like your personality, your watch goes with anything and everything you want it to go with. watch says about you

5. The self-driven girl

Unisex watches are becoming popular these days, and women with a strong will and drive tend to appreciate them more. You believe in absolute equality of the sexes, you’re self-driven and you love living life on the edge. You also love to travel, and exploring new places is your thing. You are surely that one person no one wants to mess with. Formal wear and clothes that evoke a sense of confidence and strength are your thing and your watch looks absolutely perfect with them. watch says about you

6.  The traditional believer

If you love the traditional, round-dial watch with a minimalistic look, then you are old-school and completely at ease with your choices. You like to stick with age-old traditions and you’re most likely to follow rules, no matter what anyone says. Your sense of fashion is timeless and in a room full of people, you’re always the one everybody trusts. This round-dial watch goes well with traditional Indian wear like sarees and suits. watch says about you No matter what your personality is, Fossil has a watch to match! What’s more? A lot of their watches come in different shades of blue - the season’s current hottest colour. May time always be on your hands! *This is a sponsored post for Fossil. These watches are available in all Fossil retail outlets and leading Shoppers Stop and Lifestyle stores.