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10 Things EVERY College Girl Should Have In Her Wardrobe!

10 Things EVERY College Girl Should Have In Her Wardrobe!
When it comes to us girls, we are very picky about what we wear and buy. And while all of us like very different things, there are a few essentials that NEVER go out of style and should always be a part of every girl’s closet. Here are 10 staples your closet needs.

1. Denim jacket

Wardrobe essentials 10 A denim jacket can be good for layering a basic outfit. It looks great with tank tops and crop tops alike. A thick denim jacket might not be the best thing to wear during summer but they are great for autumn and winter. Pick a lighter denim fabric, instead, or a sleeveless jacket that looks great and totally ups your cool factor.  

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2. Ripped jeans

Wardrobe essentials 8 Ripped jeans or distressed jeans have been around since the 90s and are showing no signs of going out of style. These jeans can be matched with heels for a night of club-hopping and can as easily be matched with sneakers for a day out or a picnic.

3. LBD

Wardrobe essentials 4 Be it a date-night or a birthday party, a college fest or a farewell, a little black dress is our go-to outfit. You can never go wrong with an LBD because it is an eternal classic and gets a revamp on the red carpet every season.

4. White tee

Wardrobe essentials You absolutely need to have at least one basic white tee in your wardrobe! Pair it with your denim shorts for a picnic or a day out with friends, or with your ripped jeans for college. Yes, it goes with EVERYTHING. It’s not an essential for no reason. ;)

5. Black stilettos

Wardrobe essentials 3 A pair of heels is sure to lift any girl’s spirit. When we wear the right shoes, we feel like we can rule the world. And a sexy pair of black stilletoes match ANY outfit. Pair it with an LBD or formal pants and a shirt to make heads turn. The classic pairing of red lipstick and killer black heels is stunning.

6. Floral dress

Wardrobe essentials 2 Flowers have always been quintessentially feminine. And when they are represented as floral prints on dresses, we absolutely LOVE it! Floral dresses are easy to style and don’t need many accessories either. Just throw on a denim jacket if there’s a nip in the air and wear sneakers for a casusal-yet-comfy look.

7. Flip-flops

Wardrobe essentials 1 As much as we love wearing heels, they quickly become painful to stand in. So during the summers, our best bet for happy, comfy feet are flip-flops. They can be worn to college as well as a beach holiday and pair well with dresses and capris.

8. Black maxi skirt

Wardrobe essentials6 A perfect blend of formal chic and sexy casual is the black maxi skirt. It’s the perfect excuse to give your favourite pair of jeans a miss! Pair it with a crop top for a casual day out and a white shirt and heels for a formal event. You can’t go wrong with this one.

9. Leather jacket

Wardrobe essentials 5 Whenever there’s a nip in the air and you’re not too keen on dressing girly, thrown on a leather jacket. It gives you the biker-chic look and increases the badassery of your entire outfit.

10. Black legging

Wardrobe essentials 7 Leggings match well with ethnic clothes as easily as they do with Western wear.They save us time  because they provides us with style and comfort. A pair of black leggings can be paired with kurtas, tees, tops, shirts and almost everything else. Contryibuted By: Shweta Pathak Shweta is a pursuing a degree in Information Technology and has an ever-growing passion for reading and writing. She loves shopping and watching a re-runs of “F.R.I.E.N.D.S”. MUST-READ : 7 Things You’ll Totally Get If You’re A North Campus Student! MUST-READ : The Broke Girl’s Guide To A Wardrobe Makeover (For Free!)