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9 Unexpected Wedding Expenses You *Should* Plan For!

9 Unexpected Wedding Expenses You *Should* Plan For!

Almost everyone has savings put aside for the Big Day. After all, the expenses involved in a wedding require us to plan and save well in advance. The amounts vary from person to person, but they’re large nevertheless. However, like most other budgets, sticking to a wedding budget in particular is a tricky task since you will see these unforeseen expenses crop up.

1. Extra alcohol consumption

Wedding party drinking like a fish is not an uncommon sight. It’s a holiday for them, after all. So, if you thought 15 bottles of that imported vodka are more than enough, think again!
1 unexpected wedding expenses

2. ‘Chai naashta’ expenses

Many venues have a certain deadline for loud DJ music or any sort of entertainment. And when the guards or local dadas play party pooper, you have no choice but to placate them and let the party carry on.

3. Tax issues

If you want a band to perform at your wedding, always remember to factor in the entertainment tax. And if you’re serving alcohol, some paperwork and fee goes into that too. Now that’s not the kind of stuff you considered factoring in during wedding planning, did you?

4. Gold rate woes

Wearing new jewellery is something the bride and the women of the house look forward to at a wedding. Even if you set aside some gaddis for that gorgeous jadau set you had your eye on, keep in mind that the gold rate at buying time can make a world of a difference to your bills. 4 unexpected wedding expenses

5. Unexpected plus ones

When you invited your college friends to your wedding don’t forget to keep ‘plus ones’ in mind. It could be that you’re so busy planning your wedding that you forgot to take an update on your friends’ love lives. Many of them landing up at your wedding with a plus one is likely and that increases your accommodation cost apart from the consumption of food and drinks. Banner Teal

6. Wonky weather

If the weather decides to play spoil sport on your wedding day, keep extra money aside for last-minute waterproof tenting or air-conditioning. Trust us, you don’t want your guests sitting with long faces thanks to the heat or the rain that’s making them uncomfortable.  

7. Pre-wedding expenses

Be it a bachelorette or just some partying with friends in the week leading up to your wedding; or your pre-wedding parlour appointments or massages at the spa – all this can be an expensive affair too! 7 unexpected wedding expenses

8. Damage penalty for the venue

The tentwallahs can sometimes cause damage as they set up your wedding shamiana, leaving poor you with a hefty bill in hand for all the repair work that’s required.

9. Honeymoon reservations

As you were busy planning the wedding day, you forgot to plan your honeymoon well in advance. This would automatically mean expensive, last-minute reservations for flights and hotels at that exotic location which you’d always dreamt of. And you wouldn’t want to compromise on this in any way, would you? GIFs: Tumblr, Giphy HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here! MUST-READ: 6 Awesome Apps To Make Your Wedding Planning SO Much Easier! MUST-READ: 12 Things No One Tells You About Planning A Wedding
Published on Jun 13, 2016
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