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9 Things You *Probably* Didn’t Know Guys Find Sexy!

9 Things You *Probably* Didn’t Know Guys Find Sexy!
Sure you can wear your highest heels, a low-cut top or a smokin’ LBD, but there are so many things that men find super sexy about you without you even realizing it. We give you some unexpected things that men find sexy!

1. Intelligence

No, a guy worth your time will not get intimidated by your smartness. So never try and dumb yourself down to impress him. Guys get stimulated by intelligent conversations too, and not just by girls taking their clothes off.

1 unexpected things men find sexy

2. When You Stretch

Lazily stretching your arms can somehow grab any guy’s attention. Their eyes are immediately drawn to your body and they often linger a bit since they know you won't notice!

3. Messy Hair

You might spend ages getting your hair to behave, but there’s something really sexy about the dishevelled, straight-out-of-bed look. It could be because it’s also the just-rolled-around-having-sex look. ;-)

3 unexpected things men find sexy

4. When You Get Mad

Men really are from another planet - that’s the only explanation we have for this. Maybe it’s their primal instinct kicking in that turns them on when you’re mad with rage - yes, even when your anger is directed at them!

5. A Dirty Mouth

A little bit of good-natured trash talk is a refreshing change from acting like a “lady” and can definitely drive guys wild.

5 unexpected things men find sexy

6.  Wearing Men’s Clothes

We all know they prefer us without any clothes on but this is true too. We really do look so much better in their clothes. It’s a fact!

7. Your Collarbones

Yes, guys find a woman's legs and her boobs quite sexy. That's obvious. But they also find exposed collarbones really sexy! Who would have thought?!

7 unexpected things men find sexy

8. Your Laugh

Guys are suckers for girly laughs and giggles and sweet smiles. Cheerful laughs and bright smiles can sometimes be more effective than mysterious glances!

9. Being Sweaty

You may feel disgusting but guys can’t resist a woman glistening with sweat. And they love your smell too. Not just your perfume but your woman smell, especially when their sheets are left smelling like you!

9 unexpected things men find sexy

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