Zara Has SIX Types Of Jeggings - Which Ones Are Right For You?!

Zara Has SIX Types Of Jeggings - Which Ones Are Right For You?!
The Spanish giant Zara entered the Indian market a few years back and brought with them a plethora of beautiful designs and outfit we could choose from. In two ticks it became one of our favourite brands and our go-to store for all our sartorial needs. The most sought after and popular fashion items that contributed to Zara’s popularity has got to be their leggings and jeggings. They revolutionized these items and we could not get enough of them. Here the 6 types of jeggings Zara sells. Read more to find out what works best for you!


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1. Ripped Jeggings

1 types of Zara jeggings

We’re seeing ripped and distressed jeans everywhere! But when you get comfortable jeggings in the same design and style, why wear jeans? These ripped jeggings are all you need to look trendy and be comfortable even when it’s scorching hot outside. They’re mid-rise and look good on every body type.

POPxo Recommends: Zara Knee Ripped Jeggings (Rs 1,090)

2. Skinny Jeggings

2 types of Zara jeggings

A girl can never have enough of skinny jeggings! These look exactly like your favourite pair of go-to skinny jeans, only they’re jeggings, which means they are thinner and have the same comfort that leggings do. The can work well as formals too, and look great on girls with a flatter bottom.

POPxo Recommends: Zara Skinny Jeggings ( Rs 1,990)

3. Low Waist Jeggings

3 types of Zara jeggings

A pair of low waisted jeggings will put an end to all your outfit woes. They’re fun and so comfortable that you wouldn’t wanna get out of them. These low waisted jeggings from Zara will be your new BFFs us!

POPxo Recommends: Zara Low Waist Jeggings (Rs 1,590)

4. Body Curve Jeggings

4 types of Zara jeggings

Did you know Zara has a jeggings collection called Zara Body Curve? These jeggings, as the name itself suggests, works like magic for the curvy girl. If you are looking for a pair that fits you like a comfortable second skin, then this is just for you!

POPxo Recommends: Zara Body Curve Jeggings Curve (Rs 2,290)

5. Twill Jeggings

5 types of Zara jeggings

Curve away from the black and blue every once a while and wear colourful bottoms that are bound to add the much needed amount of pop to your ensemble. Zara’s twill leggings are full of fun, youthful colours and has a relaxed, cool vibe. They have an elastic waistband and is perfect for every body type.

POPxo Recommends: Zara Twill Jeggings (Rs 1,190)

6. High Waisted Jeggings

6 types of Zara jeggings

And nothing can beat the very popular wide waisted jeggings from Zara. Not only are they the comfiest, but they are also super slimming. The wide waist tucks your tummy in and creates the illusion of long slender legs. We can live in these and can’t thank Zara enough for making them!

POPxo Recommends: Zara Wide Waist Jeggings ( Rs 1,990)

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