"Sex Chat With Pappu & Papa" Will Be ADORABLE! (We're Serious!)

"Sex Chat With Pappu & Papa" Will Be ADORABLE! (We're Serious!)
YFilms is out with a trailer of a web series and it is just HILARIOUS! The series is called Sex Chat With Pappu & Papa - and we know you must be thinking how absurd this name is, and what kind of weird show this is going to be... But, guys, you HAVE to believe us: the trailer will crack you up and we are sure this will be the funniest thing you’ll watch today. It’s NOT about some weird sex hotline - it’s actually about life as we know it! Sex is a taboo in our country - as are things like periods, pads, masturbation, pregnancy, condoms…you know the whole list. And not surprisingly, most Indian parents completely refrain from talking about sex in any form with their children. Well, here’s an adorable 7-year-old taking on all those taboos. Curious little Pappu has f**kloads of questions, and he is asking his mom, his dad, everyone! An amazingly innovative way to talk about the lack of sex education and awareness in our country, we feel. Funny, relatable and kinda adorable...we just can’t WAIT to watch this show. What about you?

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