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9 Genius Tips To Plan A Wedding… In Just *One* Month!

9 Genius Tips To Plan A Wedding… In Just *One* Month!
As crazy as it may sound, there really are a lot of brides we know who had to plan their wedding in just a month. Sometimes it’s because the auspicious date is just a month away and at other times work commitments come in the way. So if you’re in the same situation or know someone who is, this one’s a must read! With inputs from brides and wedding experts, these are all the tips you need to plan a wedding in a short time.

1. Quick decision making

You need to realise that you do not have the time to take suggestions and ask for opinions from 5 different family members. Take quick decisions… pink flowers, no drapes, dim lighting and done. Being indecisive will not get you anywhere. Be clear about what you want, what you don’t and try not being too specific. Take a decision and move on to the next task.

1 tips you need to plan a wedding in a short time.

2. Delegate tasks

You’ve got to trust people and delegate work. Make a list of all the trusted family members and friends, and give them the authority to make payments and finalise certain things. Your sisters and friends can be incharge of the entertainment bit. A cousin can finalise the photographer, and the elders can take care of the catering and shamiana bit. Form a WhatsApp group to make sharing ideas and pictures easy. Delegate as much work as you possibly can.

3. DIY is not the best idea

From visiting wholesale markets for the mehendi giveaways to picking out funky props for the photobooth… a month of planning does not allow you to do these things. Pay a little extra and buy things from nearby stores. If you can delegate a person to do the running around, then nothing like it! Also, stick to one cute element rather than having all of it. A couple picture cut-out, a wishing tree, personalized wedding favours… you don’t need to do it all.

4. E-invites to the rescue!

Selecting a card design, finding a good vendor, waiting for the delivery and then sending out each one of them is a time consuming task. Consider e-invites when all you have is a month. There are a lot of websites which can help you design a card or you could even take help of a friend who is good with this stuff. Email the invites and you could follow it up with a phone call. Save time, effort and money.

tips you need to plan a wedding in a short time

5. Place all the orders first

Place orders for anything that takes time to process as soon as possible. Your masterji needs 5 days to stitch all your saree blouses, so prioritise saree buying first. Also, gifts ordered online may have a 15-day delivery policy. Anything with a specific timeline needs to be done first!

6. Leave out customization

Of your wedding clothes! In all probability, it may not be possible to work on a wedding attire from scratch. Before you start shopping, do some research and list down all the stores that have ready-made wedding outfits to offer. That way you don’t end up wasting precious days visiting stores that may not be able to help you. Also, do identify a masterji who will dedicate himself to just your wedding for that one month - stitching your trousseau suits, saree blouses, mum’s suit, etc.

7. One vendor for all the functions

Finalise one vendor who will take care of all your functions. So the same guy does floral decor for your mehendi, sangeet and wedding, and appoint the same caterer for the all functions. That way you are sorted for all the ceremonies in one go. Plus, you can get yourself a great discount too!

7 tips you need to plan a wedding in a short time.

8. The salon routine

Now you do not have time for an elaborate pre-bridal treatment but there’s nothing to be sad, girl. Spend some time at the salon and let them know about the areas you are most concerned about. Fit in all the basics and a few luxury treatments in. You can always indulge in some treatments post the wedding too!

9. Post-wedding shoot

Instead of the pre-wedding shoot, why not opt for a post-wedding shoot instead? You have so much to figure out - clothes, makeup, theme of the shoot and you don’t want to do it all in a rush. Just keep it for later when you both have lots of free time on hand.

Lastly, just let go and enjoy your D-day. It only comes once!

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