Smoother, Rounder, Firmer: Beauty Tips For Your Butt!

Smoother, Rounder, Firmer: Beauty Tips For Your Butt!

As much as we all would love a perfect derriere, it’s an area that is mostly neglected by all of us. From annoying butt acne to cellulite, we tackle all the problems that are a pain in your ass (pun intended! :P). Read on for some amazing tips for a smoother, firmer backside. No matter what your shape and size, get ready for a smooth and flawless tush.

1. Butt Acne

Your bum is definitely one of the most awkward places for zits and bumps, and however painful it is to sit down with a butt pimple, you should know it’s way more common than you thought! Instead of using any old soap on your backside, try a medicated one like Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash (Rs. 499). Also, a gentle exfoliator once or twice a week is a great idea to keep the area as smooth as possible.

2. No Sweaty Undies

2 smoother butt What you wear makes a big difference, so always opt for breathable, cotton panties. Tight undies can cause zits and also sweating and rashes. Change out of your sweaty clothes and underwear as soon as you can after a workout or a hot day as dampness can make the area more prone to boils. Also read: 10 Things We Bet You Didn’t Know About Your Butt!

3. Cellulite Be Gone

You may be able to cover it up in those holiday bikini pics with an Instagram filter, but what’s a girl got to do in real life? Dry-brushing is an effective way of getting rid of cellulite if done regularly. Start dry-brushing in the shower as often as you can; it’s kind of like a massage for your backside, which also helps exfoliating, flush out lymphatic swelling and break down lumpiness.

4. Sag-Proofing

4 smoother butt Sagging is every woman’s worst nightmare! No matter how round and perky your butt is, eventually age will catch up. It’s a scary thought and there’s only one way to avoid it – exercise! Squats are the ultimate cure. Do as many and as often as you can to help keep your tush perky and firm.

5. Shapewear To The Rescue

Every girl should have some bottom shaping underwear handy. It’s a secret weapon to help lift your derriere and make it look smoother and shapelier. Wear it under a fitted dress to smoothen out any lumps and bumps and enhance your butt. Try this High Control Low Waist Shaping Brief. It can do wonders for your confidence too! Also read: #Bootylicious: 9 Amazing Tricks for a Smooth and Sexy Butt!

6. Super Smooth

6 smoother butt Yours can be smooth as a baby’s bottom too! Use a body scrub on your behind and don’t forget to moisturize. Baby lotion is the gentlest and can help keep your behind soft and smooth. An anti-aging serum can also be used to keep it firm, soft and smooth. Images: Shutterstock