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8 Times In Life That We Kinda Wish We Were… Guys!!

8 Times In Life That We Kinda Wish We Were… Guys!!
We revel in our womanhood and yell "Girls!" whenever Beyonce asks "Who runs the world?". But if we're honest, sometimes these few moments of madness creep in, when we whine and wish we were a guy!

1. When the weather is hot...

… And you would love to whip off your shirt and walk topless on the street without inviting potential sexual offenders.

1 wish you were a guy

2. When you are on your period…

… And the cramps feel fatal. Men will NEVER know it - at least until some scientists conjure up a way. Misery loves company, y'all!

3. When you are travelling overnight on a bus...

… Without a public toilet enroute. Dear world, women not only have breasts but also have bladders.

3 wish you were a guy

4. When you feel like a midnight run...

… But you know you would have to carry your pepper spray along. And you would have to run to the background theme of every crime show you have ever seen.

5. When you look at the prices of lingerie…

… And wonder if they are made of gold. Let's not even start a boxer v/s G-string debate.

5 wish you were a guy

6. When you see a friend crying over a cheating boyfriend…

... And you want to be a guy so you can demonstrate how to actually treat your girlfriend.

Pink Banner

7. When you see fresh grey hair sprouting up…

… And wonder why society thinks greys look hot on men but not on women - unless you are Halle Berry in X-men, of course.

7 wish you were a guy

8. When you go in for a waxing session...

… And ask yourself why you are paying for this torture. Thank God for metrosexuality so that men can also share the pain.

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