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16 Thoughts EVERY Girl Has While Watching A Makeup Tutorial!

16 Thoughts EVERY Girl Has While Watching A Makeup Tutorial!
If you’re anything like us, you’ve spent way too many hours watching makeup tutorials on the internet. And some, if not all, of these thoughts might have occurred to you as well. Sit back girls, and get ready to relate!

1. When at the beginning of the tutorial they so evidently already have makeup on their faces.

Hey! That’s not fair!

1 watching a makeup tutorial

2. When they so nonchalantly say, for this tutorial you barely need anything and proceed to use 14 different products.

Yeah right, barely anything!

3. The worst is when they say you can use any budget product and proceed to use MAC.

Umm, do you not understand the word budget, lady?!

3 watching a makeup tutorial

4. That moment when the camera pans to all the products laid out and you basically have an orgasm.


5. When they make contouring seem like child’s play.

When I attempt it, it looks like I am confused about my nationality!

5 watching a makeup tutorial

6. That awful moment when smokey eye tutorials are the most deceiving.

Hello world, I’m a raccoon. Nice to meet you!


7.  Oh, and let’s not forget how complicated things are just made to look super simple “With just one simple motion, swipe on the colour”


7  watching a makeup tutorial

8. When Youtubers do the 1 minute makeup challenge.

You’re not fooling me, missy!

9. When they use makeup products that are not available to us.

Quit playing games with my heart!

9  watching a makeup tutorial

10. When the person doing the tutorial doesn’t even need to look into the mirror to apply makeup.

What is this sorcery?

11. When the exact procedure to get a ‘no makeup look’ involves 50 different products.

*Silently weeping*

11  watching a makeup tutorial

12. When you watched a tutorial with home remedies but got hungry instead.

Don’t blame me – they showed beer and tomatoes on screen!

13. When you watched a tutorial that promotes saving money by showing multiple uses of the same product...

But then you felt the urge to shop for more products that you could possibly use in multiple ways.

13  watching a makeup tutorial

14. When the person in the tutorial gets their winged liner right in one stroke

*Cue jealousy and self loathing here*

15. When all you wanted to do was watch one tutorial, but you’ve been on the internet for five hours.

Who knew there are a bazillion ways to do smokey eyes?!

15  watching a makeup tutorial

16. When your main takeaway no matter what tutorial you’ve watched is the same.

I need more makeup.

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