17 CRAZY Thoughts Every Girl Has While Having Sex With Her Guy!

17 CRAZY Thoughts Every Girl Has While Having Sex With Her Guy!
It’s awesome to be in bed with a guy you care about, who cares about you. And it’s amazing when you’re super comfortable with him, can share your deepest secrets and fantasies. But let me tell you this: it’s not as easy to be able to switch off your brain as you’d like! And no matter how brilliant things are, there are a few crazy, random and sometimes even strange thoughts that a girl finds creeping through her brain even as she’s getting down and dirty with her guy. Here’s presenting a few of those ones!

1. Oooh, YAY! It’s sexy-time.

thoughts during sex 1

2. I wonder if he’ll think I’m super weird if I tell him that if we ever do break up, I might just miss the sex more than anything else. :P

3. Yeah, he’ll definitely think I’m weird. Focus, brain, FOCUS.

4. He’s doing that nice thing again, woohoo!

5. Oh no, he’s doing that strange thing again now. Why does he keep doing it even though I keep trying to move things to the next step?!

thoughts during sex 5

6. Does he think that doing that thing is what makes me want to move forward. Maybe I should just TELL him not to, even though it’s going to be super-awkward...

7. Okay, no need! He’s moved on!

8. Hmm. Is he going to think I’m really, um, wild if I tell him I want to try something kinky? I don’t want him to judge me…

9. Wait, is he going to think I’m boring in bed if I don’t tell him that I want to try something kinky?

thoughts during sex 9

10. OMG, did he just say “I love you?” Or did he say “I love this?” F***, why wasn’t I paying attention?!

11. Should I tell him I love him too? But what if that’s not what he said? Can I ask him to repeat himself? Oh god, what should I say now? DAMMIT.

12. Oh, he’s kissing me now - aww, so sweet, I don’t have to say anything at all! I can just sound happy.

13. Okay, this is getting very intense now. And intensely amazing. I can’t actually think any more.

thoughts during sex 13

14. LITERALLY not thinking.

15. Whoa. That was AMAZING. I do love him. And what he does to me.

16. Hmm. I’m now going to curl up to him and snuggle a bit. He feels SO good to hold.

17. I wonder if we can do it again… :P

thoughts during sex 17

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