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13 Thoughts EVERY Girl Has About “Mummyji” Before The Wedding!

13 Thoughts EVERY Girl Has About “Mummyji” Before The Wedding!
Blame popular culture but the mother-in-law isn’t exactly every to-be-bride’s favourite person. In fact, the poor girl is almost hoping that her saas doesn’t turn out to be the typical evil woman that movies and TV serials show - one who keeps shouting orders at her daughter-in-law and lives to make her life miserable. If you too are getting married soon, here are 13 thoughts you must have had about ‘mummyji’, at least once:

1. Once I get married to her son, would ‘mummyji’ expect me to cook all the meals, every day, for the rest of my life, for the ENTIRE family?

2. Oh my god, what if she buys me clothes and expects me to wear them too? They are SO not me. How do I even tell her?

thoughts about mummyji

3. I hope she doesn’t expect me to stay clad in a saree at home too. I would keep tripping and die small deaths everyday in those six long yards.

4. I hope she doesn’t educate me on, um, my sex life. It’ll be so weird. What with her own son involved...

thoughts about mummyji

5. Her room’s gonna be away from mine, right? *Gotta check next time I visit.*

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6. What if she wants a child to play with? I can’t do children right now, I am barely doing adult.

thoughts about mummyji

7. Would I have to wake up early, prepare her son’s lunch, feed him, feed her and only then feed myself? *Gasps*

8. What if she is not as nice, and plans and plots against me so that everyone in the family starts hating me?

thoughts about mummyji

9. Is she the kind of aunty who has 10,000 kitty parties every month?

10. Or someone who attends bhajans and jagrans and takes her bahu along on these little night outs? I’ll fall asleep right away, I swear.

thoughts about mummyji

11. I hope she doesn’t parade me in front of her relatives, though. That sucks. And smiling like an idiot for that long really does hurt my jaw.

12. She can’t stop me from visiting my parents for as long as I like, right? Or can she?

thoughts about mummyji

13. I really hope she is as sweet as my mum. Would she ever love me as much as she loves her own daughter?

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