your long distance boyfriend wants you to know

10 Little Things Your Long Distance Boyfriend Wants You To Know

Priyanka Ghura

Beauty Editor

Long-distance relationships are hard, so hard! You’re apart from the one person you love more than anything - but if you knew some of these adorable things about him, it may make you feel a bit better. Here are a few things your long distance BF wants you to know. These can make it all worth it!

1. He misses you more than you know

Even if he doesn’t express it too often or get super emotional, he really does.

1 your long distance boyfriend wants you to know

2. No, he’s not hitting on other girls

Just ‘coz he was working till late with his coworker doesn’t mean there is something going on between the two of them. He wouldn’t bother with a long distance if he were interested in other women, so chill.

3. He’s scared about the same with you...

You’re beautiful and kind, he knows he’s lucky to have you, but he’s also scared as hell that other guys are trying their best with you while he’s so far away.

3 your long distance boyfriend wants you to know

4. He worries about you

What you’re doing, where you’re going, if you’re safe and who you’re with. It’s the curse of being miles and miles apart.

5. He doesn’t want a ‘perfect’ trip - seeing you is perfect for him

He just wants to spend time with you, so don’t worry about planning loads of outings and get-togethers with your friends. He’s happy doing absolutely nothing, as long as it’s with you.

5 your long distance boyfriend wants you to know

6. It’s always a good idea to sext

There’s never a bad time for it, he’ll even wake up from his sleep for it. Go ahead, make his day! ;)

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7. He sees a future with you

Guys hate talking on the phone. If he texts, Skypes and calls you often, it definitely means he cares about you and loves talking to you - and he wants a future with you.

7 your long distance boyfriend wants you to know

8. He hates when you give him the cold shoulder

Even if you’re mad! That cold silence is bad enough when you see each other regularly, but it can be multiplied by a hundred in a long distance relationship - so please don’t!

9. Being around other couples bums him out too

It just makes him miss you even more!

9 your long distance boyfriend wants you to know

10. He knows it’ll all be worth it

The distance, missing you and being apart - it’s not going to be like this forever. He knows that when you are finally together, the wait would have been totally worth it!

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Published on Jun 09, 2016
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