8 Things You Learnt *Early* If You Studied At A Co-Ed School!

8 Things You Learnt *Early* If You Studied At A Co-Ed School!
Growing up with boys is an experience in itself. We fight with them. We play with them. It’s so much fun that you end up making friends for life. If you went to a Co-Ed school you will surely relate to these!

1. Say Bye Bye To Shyness

Being around the other gender all your life made you more confident. You know how to act around guys without it ever being at ALL awkward now.

2. Dreaded Biology class

How can we forget that biology class. Chapter: Reproduction. Talks about penises and vaginas. Cue *awkward eye contacts and a million giggles*.

2 studied in a co ed school

3. Hiding Stuff

We girls were always hiding pads. And bra straps. The guys very well knew what that green thing in our zip pockets was, but NOOO, they had to ask us like they didn’t know anything! #AnnoyingBoys

4. Tackle Tactics

You learnt how to tackle boys very young. Chokeslam or head-lock, you learnt it all, knew it all. And even used it on some of them. The guys in your class even taught you how to punch, the right way!

4 studied in a co ed school

5. Protective Circle

There were times when you went up against that rude boy gang from the other section, you weren’t particularly fond of and that’s when you saw the protective side of your guy friends from class. One teardrop and the entire class was standing beside you.

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6. Rumours And Gossip

You’ve heard it all. High school teaches you how to deal with the rumour mill. Like the time your name was linked to not just one but many boys? And the things written about you in the bathroom stalls? You learnt how to ignore it all.

7 studied in a co ed school

7. First Tryst With Romance

Schools are for all the firsts. Your first crush. First rose. First bunk with him. First date at the lover's point of your school or even just in the canteen.

8. Love For Sports

You saw the guys play, you played with them, you learnt with them and you watched games with them. Love for sports is something you had in common with them and the occasional "Girls v/s Boys" volleyball match used to be the highlight of your day!

8 studied in a co ed school

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