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10 Things You’ll Totally Get If You Loooove Rajma Chawal!

10 Things You’ll Totally Get If You Loooove Rajma Chawal!
If you read the title and immediately felt happy and hungry at the same time, let’s just say we understand. Here are all the things you’ll relate to if Rajma Chawal is the love of your life!

1. When you’re in the worst mood ever and suddenly you realize there’s Rajma Chawal for dinner.

Bad mood? What bad mood? Imma eat my blues away!

1 love rajma chawal

2. Your mom knows the way to your heart is with garma garam Rajma Chawal.

Not fair Ma! This doesn’t mean our fight is over, FYI.

3. There are days when you’ve gone to a fancy restaurant but all your heart actually wants is Rajma Chawal.

This food is just not the same.

3 love rajma chawal

4. That disappointing moment when you take a huge helping of Rajma Chawal at someone else’s house...

But it’s just not the same like your Ma’s!

5. When your mom is trying to convince you to meet a guy for a rishta...

But can he make Rajma Chawal like you, Mom?

5 love rajma chawal

6. When you go out for Mexican food and order a burrito bowl.

Rajma? Chawal? It’s you guys!!! *Happy Dance*

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7. When you know there’s Rajma Chawal for lunch at home so you keep your stomach empty for that.

It’s all about being prepared.

7 love rajma chawal

8. When your parents are shouting at you about something but all you can focus on is the Rajma Chawal on your plate.

It’s so hard to care when you’re about to eat this heavenly meal!

9. You know that you’re going to feel sluggish after the amount you ate.

Again, so hard to care when you’re so well fed!

9 love rajma chawal

10. Your ultimate aim in life is to marry the guy who looks at you the way you look at Rajma Chawal.

True love, right there!

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