10 Things You’ll Totally Get If You Just LOVE Gossip!

10 Things You’ll Totally Get If You Just LOVE Gossip!

By no means are we feeding into the stereotype that all girls love gossip. So that notwithstanding, if you do like to gossip (I plead guilty) then you’re about to relate to this very much!

1. You have the gift of sussing it right out of your closest friends!

Spill the beans, ladies!

2. You very well recognize that look on your best friend’s face when she has some great gossip to give you but can’t say it in front of others.

Patience is a virtue, indeed. 2 you love gossip

3. One of the best parts of partying with your friends on Saturday night is spending the next day gossiping about all that happened.

That’s precisely why Sunday brunches were invented.

4. The very fact that you don’t call it gossiping, you’d much rather refer to it as an important discussion where you psychoanalyze someone or something.

Semantics, dear child. 4 you love gossip

5. You find that some things go very well with the art of gossiping.

Wine, for instance. Teal Banner

6. Every time you and your bestie have some interesting gossip, you very much feel like Blair and Serena from Gossip Girl.

You’ll never guess who I am... xoxo – Gossip Girl! 4 you love gossip

7. Social media has made gossip an art to reckon with.

Be careful who you share those screen shots with!

8. You love gossiping with your guy friends too!

Oh and myth buster; guys can reaaallyyy gossip. 8 you love gossip

9. Part of loving gossip is learning how to be an excellent secret keeper.

If you get branded as a gossip monger, people will stop telling you things!

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10.  You’re pretty sure the best memories of your life will be the nights you spent on stay-overs with your closest girl friends just gossiping away to glory.

That; and the fits of giggles that followed. 10 you love gossip GIFs: TumblrGiphy HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here! MUST-READ: 15 Things You’ll ONLY Get If You Studied In A Convent School! MUST-READ: 14 Things You’ll ONLY Get If You Looove Stationery!