13 Things You’ll Get If Your School Friends Are Still Your BFFs

13 Things You’ll Get If Your School Friends Are Still Your BFFs
If the elite brains of this planet (read: scientists) ever invent a time machine, the place where we would all undoubtedly love to go back to is school! We are sure you will agree with us when we say that school time was the most awesome period of our lives. How can it not be? We were still crying over skinned knees instead of skinned hearts and were still worried about the next exam instead of the next loan installment. And through all of it, our friends were the ones who made every moment as wonderful as we remember it to be! If you are still friends with your schoolmates, here are a few things you will relate to!

1. You’ve seen each other grow up! Quite literally!

Right from the first day when you entered the class screaming and kicking and said you hated school, to you whining about hair in all the wrong places when you hit puberty, to the day you cried your eyes out at the school farewell - they have seen it all!

2. You can still blackmail them into doing stuff for you!

Because you know their most embarrassing moments and deep dark secrets that no one else does! And that’s how you get free pizza and even beer! 2 school friends

3. You can practically write a book about their romantic history and so can they!

And not just one book, we are talking sequels and prequels with at least 10 volumes per person! You know every single detail of each other’s relationships and crushes to the extent that it's sometimes just plain creepy!

4. They have developed a sixth sense when it comes to you and vice versa!

You can lie to the world and you can lie to yourself, but you just cannot lie to each other! 4 school friends

5. You all have more than one family!

Because “what’s yours is mine” includes family too!

6. You can still use their name to sneak out! *devil horns*

You can take all permissions on the pretext of being with them or going to their place because your parents still trust them a whole lot! Ahem... Dear boyfriends, now is when you can say thank you to them! 6 school friends

7. You may still remember their landline numbers! (Well, kinda!)

Because using the rotating dialer or the button keypad to call them on their landline five times a day ought to have left a mark!

8. You can still be your goofball self with them and not worry about being judged!

And they will reciprocate by acting a little crazy mad too! 8 school friends

9. Money matters do not matter with them!

It’s OKAY if you’re broke and it’s not a big deal if you are not! Money was never in the picture. You knew each during pocket money days, after all!

10. You can still crack each other up with imitations of “that” teacher!

Accept it! There was one teacher who (through no fault of his/her own!) became the reason for all your stifled giggles and laughter-tears! And all of it is still funny! 10 school friends

11. You are a tiny bit jealous of each other’s new friends because they get to be around you so much more!

Not fair! *grumpy face*. But in your heart you know that you will always hold a special place in each other’s lives and no one can ever change that!

12. Whenever you guys meet up, a tsunami of memories sweeps you all!

There are just SO many of them! Remembering and narrating the old tales and stories never gets boring - except for the new friend who decide to join you! Oops. 12 school friends

13. You miss seeing each other every day!

And it feels funny how during school days, you took this very thing for granted! Now it feels like a luxury to see each other twice during the same month! But no matter how far, school friends are forever! GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here! MUST-READ: 8 Things You’ll ONLY Get If You Never Had A Boyfriend In School MUST-READ: From Your Teens To Your 20s – How Friendships Change!