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13 Things You’ll Only Get If You’re Not Mushy AT ALL!

13 Things You’ll Only Get If You’re Not Mushy AT ALL!
When Simran was running at 120 Kmph to catch up with Raj as the train sped away, you were the one who was like, “Look back, you idiot! There is a door behind you! Get in through that!” While the rest of your friends gave you death stares for ruining a perfectly emotional and romantic moment, you wondered how someone could find the scene remotely sensible. Yes, dear non-mushy unromantic people, we feel you. Here are 13 things you will get if you cannot bear to be all romantic and mushy!

1. “Mera shona baby jaanu shweetu babu laddu pumpkin” … Sorry what?

This mushibberish (read mushy-gibberish) is just eeeewwww!

1 not romantic

2. Candle light dinner? But we have electricity in this century and I can’t see my food!

Also, isn’t a buffet a better option? More food, less money and proper light!

2 not romantic

3. Staring into each other’s eyes...

Ouch! Something just poked my eye. Oh, that was your stare. *eyes watering*

3 not romantic

4. Your partner said the most romantic, filmy and angelic thing ever… And you are like, “Thanks!” *sheepish grin*


4 not romantic

5. I love you. I love sleep. But the order reverses when the clock strikes 11. How is encroaching on my sleep time romantic?

Late night calls and I have issues. And dozing off while talking isn’t even considered legit!

5 not romantic

6. Doing “stuff” at movies is acutely uncomfortable!

The hand rest thingy in between? It's a task to maneuver around it and do “stuff”. And hey, I paid to watch the movie!

6 not romantic

7. Mushy texts?! Allergy alert!

Quick! 2 shots of sarcasm!

7 not romantic

8. Rom-coms, you just cannot understand the logic! Wait... They have none.

She dropped her ring in the sea, he dove in to find it. Seriously? There is a difference between romantic and stupid.

8 not romantic

9. When your partner becomes emotional *Awkwardly puts arm around him*

What your mind is saying - “Make it stop! Make it stop!”

9 not romantic

BannerTeal 500px

10. Valentine’s Day?!.... Not again!

Like, why does it have to come every damn year?! Can it not be a once in a decade thing?

10 not romantic

11. You hang up... No baby, you hang up… No, you hang up… Argh!!

Just hang up already!

11 not romantic

12. PDA! Or "Look at us we are so in looooovvvvveeee"

A no nope nopsy no!

12 not romantic

13. Color matching clothes!

Why, oh why, would we want to look like the puppet twins?

13 not romantic

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