8 Things You’ll Get If You Never Know Where All Your Money Went!

8 Things You’ll Get If You Never Know Where All Your Money Went!
A lot of us have been through that phase where being broke feels like a way of life and not just a state of being. You earn reasonably well. You don't have an online shopping obsession. You are perfectly fine with tap water and don't need a Perrier! So where exactly is all that money disappearing?! Sounds familiar? If yes, here are some thoughts you would most certainly empathize with.

1. Does my employer have a secret deal to directly transfer my salary to my landlord and all restaurants within a mile's radius?

2. Is there a hole in my wallet or does it have a magical ability to swallow hard currency?

2 if you are broke

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3. Does my name trigger all ATMs to act up so that they deduct twice the amount that I withdraw?

4. Is it possible that the local corporations hate me and charge me thrice the usual rate for electricity and water?

4 if you are broke

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5. What's the probability of me being a sleepwalking cyber expert who spends the night unconsciously spending money and then erases it from online records?

6. Or, what if there is someone who has managed to clone my card and is willy-nilly withdrawing the little balance left in my account?

6 if you are broke

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7. Am I the only one who thinks the "only" sign which looks like /- written on cheques should be the funniest/saddest emoji out there?

8. For other people, “Netflix and chill” might mean boozing with their partners and chilling in bed all day along with them, but for you it literally means to watch TV all day long, ‘coz you can’t afford to do anything else in life! *Zero bank balance*

8 if you are broke

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