8 Things NOT To Wear For A Job Interview!

8 Things NOT To Wear For A Job Interview!
So you’ve just received an interview call and you’re pretty excited about it. Along with the necessary textbook preps and the umpteenth number of interview questions you’ve gone through, we’re pretty sure you have also begun your hunt for the perfect outfit. And like always, we’re here to help you look your best and make a solid impression. Here are 8 things you should not wear to a job interview.

1. Clothes that are too casual

1 not wear to an interview

Your good ol’ pair of washed out denim and tee is no doubt your comfiest go-to outfit, but it just does not work for an interview. The way you dress is the first way you communicate with your interviewer, and wearing something too laidback and casual looks like you’re not taking the interview seriously.

2. Clothes that can be a distraction

Stay away from bold prints and loud colours. Although quirky prints and bright neon hues may be on trend, they may distract the interviewer and take all the attention away from what you’re saying. Instead, stick to neutral tones and simple yet elegant designs.

3. Too many accessories

Similarly, wearing too many accessories can also be a huge distraction. A big pair of earrings, for instance, or a statement neckpiece that jingles a lot, can constantly demand attention and may look unprofessional.

4. Clothes that are wrinkled or dirty

4 not wear to an interview

Hygiene is super important. You know that already. No more explanations needed for this.

5. Clothes that are too revealing

Make sure your shirt or top isn’t too revealing - not only because it's an interview but also because you might end up feeling uncomfortable in it. Choose the neckline of your shirt carefully and pay attention to detail. Make sure all the buttons are in place and that it neatly covers you up without making you look too tied up.

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6. Wearing clothes that are too trendy

Yes, we’re loving the off-shoulder + choker trend too, but for an interview, it’s always better and safer to stick to something simpler. It’s better to have a few key fashion-forward pieces like a nice pair of shoes or a handbag, than to go all out on the trends.

7. Uncomfortable shoes

7 not wear to an interview

Truth be told - you will be judged the moment you open that door and enter the interview room. Don’t let uncomfortable shoes keep you from making a great first impression. Wear shoes you can walk tall and confident in, and own it!

8. Loud makeup and waaaay too much perfume

Yes, a little makeup does go a long way in making you look and feel confident. Stick to a natural makeup look and avoid loud colours and heavy makeup. The same goes for perfumes. Make sure to use just the right amount!

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