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The Ultimate Guide For A Honeymoon Abroad (Bonus: NO Stress!)

The Ultimate Guide For A Honeymoon Abroad (Bonus: NO Stress!)
Your honeymoon abroad is an event you have looked forward to for a long time now. Perhaps you have opted for sandy beaches and blue lagoons on some foreign shores, or maybe snow-covered mountains and lots of adventure sports are your thing. Whatever it is, a honeymoon abroad requires a fair bit of travelling and you have to make sure that nothing is left out in the planning process. Here is your ultimate checklist for a hassle-free honeymoon abroad:

1. Hard Copies Of All Documents, Just In Case

We're talking visa, tickets, and all other e-confirmations. Do not rely only on the soft copies in your phones and laptops, make sure that you have the printed paper copies as well. Get photocopies if necessary and make sure that each of you carry a set, just in case. And yes, this includes your hotel booking confirmations. Also, while traveling within a foreign city, always leave a hard copy of these documents behind in your hotel room, just in case.  

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2. Identification Proof Is A Must

Your passport and any other ID proofs are worth their weight in gold when you are travelling abroad. Keep them as close and safe as you can, at all times, at all costs.

3. Money Matters Most

Make sure you know everything about the exchange rates etc about the country you are travelling to. Instead of taking all your credit cards along, take only two or three. Do not forget the boon for offshore travelers - travelers cheques. They'll come in handy everywhere you go. And also, do inform your bank that you are travelling abroad. They'll give you some handy tips about their exchange rate and money matters. Also, always divide cash, cheques and cards between the two of you instead of one person carrying everything. It’s an unfamiliar place after all and god forbid, what if one of you is lost?

4. Transport Map For Smooth Travel

Not a just country or location map, but an actual transport map. Even if you depend upon your GPS for travel it is still advisable to get a hard copy of the map of the city. In case you are taking the local transport, make sure you have a route map of the same. Say, for instance, you could get a map for Eurorail if you are traveling to Europe and plan on traveling by trains.

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5. Chargers, Adapters Etc To Remain Connected On The Go

Make sure you are carrying at least two power banks and two sets of chargers/adapters. You don't want to play tug-of-war between yourselves when it comes to chargers and power banks when you should be enjoying the pretty locales, right?

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6. Medicines, Because You Never Know

That's right. It is always better to be prepared. If you are on any prescription, make sure you know the country-specific medicine guidelines for tourists. And always, at all times, carry your authentic doctor's prescription just in case a complication arises security-wise or health-wise. If you have some longstanding health concern, like asthma or migraine, research on the country specific med alternatives as you may not always find the exact brand you use. Apart from specific ailments, carry some drugs for regular health concerns such as digestion, headache, fever, allergy, sprains etc.

7. Season Specific Clothes

Whether you are headed for the Alps or the Caribbean, check the weather forecasts, season, climate etc and pack. Remember, even the hottest places can get a little chilly during monsoons and the driest of deserts get really nippy at night. If activities such as trekking, camping etc are involved, you may need specific clothes that you can procure on the spot or pack beforehand.  Pack with common sense and care so that you can enjoy your honeymoon without discomfort.

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8. A Camera To Capture Memories

Don't leave behind that one electronic device that will come closest to capturing the overwhelming beauty that you will see with your naked eye. For most people, honeymoons happen only once and the memories you make are worthy of a better capture than your phone camera will allow.

9. Contraception Is The Best Prevention

It’s your honeymoon after all. After all the sightseeing and partying is done it'll still be mostly about the romance. For many, buying contraception in a foreign land can be an unnerving experience. Solve this problem by carrying your own contraception and indulging in intimacy without a care.

10. Travel Light And Leave Room For More

Leave some room in your luggage for all the new stuff you will shop for. You will buy gifts for your family members for sure and shop for yourselves as well. If you don't want to pay extra for some added kilos, pack light on your way out of the country. Also, travelling light will give you increased freedom and mobility since you will not be bogged down by a massive amount of baggage.

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