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‘Uff, Mummy!’ 7 Kinds Of Fights EVERY Girl Has With Her Mom!

‘Uff, Mummy!’ 7 Kinds Of Fights EVERY Girl Has With Her Mom!
You fight the most with the people you love... Or, so people say. But it stands quite true for you and your mum, for you two just cannot stop fighting over little things. Sounds familiar? Here are 7 silly and um, slightly irrational fights we all have with our moms...

1. Other people’s mornings might start with their alarms ringing, but your mornings start with your mom um, losing her cool…

Only because you’re still in bed, and half the day has already passed. Uh, so what,  maa - all night owls sleep during the day.

1 fight with your mum

2. Your mum loves to blame your phone for everything that is wrong in your life.

It’s like the poor lifeless thing is her one sworn enemy who bears her resentment, all day, every day.

3. Every time your mom assigns you some job, she gives you exactly three seconds to finish it…

And if you don’t jump off your seat and finish it in those three seconds, she will go and do it herself!! (The horror!) And you won’t hear the end of it... FOREVER!

3 fight with your mum

4. Her favourite pastime, BTW, seems to be comparing you with your nerd cousins and over-enthusiastic neighbourhood kids!

How can you not see you’ve got the coolest kid, maa? Uff!

5. When you’re out with friends she feels you are wasting your time…

...but when you stay at home she feels you are wasting your life! Like, what do you want me to do? Let’s just settle on one thing, once and for all.

5 fight with your mum

6. Your dad often finds himself in a spot between you and your mom

‘Coz you two are his favourite girls in the world and he just can’t side with one, and be bashed by the other.

7. You feel there is nothing in this world you can’t start a fight over with your mom…

And yet you can’t pass a day without talking to her and just being around her. You would rather take all her scoldings than her silent treatment. Yes, you do fight with her, but you also love her more than anybody else.

7 fight with your mum

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