10 Ways To Skip The “Hi-Hello” & Have An AMAZING Conversation!

10 Ways To Skip The “Hi-Hello” & Have An AMAZING Conversation!
All of us are becoming a little more anti-social by the day. But with the antics that people are pulling off all over the world, I think it’s a very conscious choice that we were forced to make. We have mastered the art of seeing but pretending to not see someone on the street - but there are times when one is forced to partake in dull, lifeless conversations. This generally gets difficult with someone you barely ever talk to. But have no fear because Popxo comes to the rescue (And, NO, the weather is not on the list)!

1. Game of Thrones

Well, how can one NOT talk about Game of Thrones?! There is always so much to talk about and then there is the ever-dreamy Jon Snow. Sigh. But no one likes someone who talks too much also. Keep the spoilers to yourself!

1 Things to talk about

2. Donald Trump

Like why was he even allowed to stand up in the elections? And why do so many people like him? Also, the larger question being - will there be anyone who can live up to Obama?

3. Beyonce

We bow down to Queen Bey and we only talk of her with respect. If you can’t do that, don’t talk about her at all. Everyone knows Beyonce and she ought to be known because she is one fine specimen. Also, Minnesota just announced May 23rd as the official “Beyonce Day”. Not kidding.

3 things to talk about

4. The Human Body

Our bodies are a universe in their own self. Do you even realise how fascinating you are? If you don’t, read this - a red blood cell can live up to 120 days, we produce 200 billion red blood cells everyday! That’s not a joke! Also, by the time a person turns 60, s/he could lose up to 60% of their taste buds.

5. Sports

And its vast, wide world. Choose any sport to talk about. Sports is never a boring topic. Infact, find a common sport that you both love and talk away to glory. Everyday new miracles are born, new records set, and everyday is a glorious day to talk about the beauty of the game, any game.

5 Things to talk about

6. Hindu Mythology

Remember as kids we used to watch the “Mahabharata” television series? It used to be so damn interesting, but so is Hindu mythology. It’s quite an engaging topic and I know this through personal experience. I spent a Saturday afternoon with two of my friends who gave me gyan about Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva - and trust me, it was an afternoon well spent.

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7. That Awesome Book That You Recently Read

And what it is that makes the book awesome. And why the other person should read it too. Like the Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling because “Chaddi pahan ke phool khila hai” and also because the movie was terrific.

7 Things to talk about

8. Their Mom

Well, why not? Everyone’s mom is a super mom - let’s give her some appreciation, no? Every mom on the planet is the best mom, is the greatest chef, the best hair-dresser, the best teacher about life-hacks, the best everything. Mom’s deserve to be talked about - they deserve all the love. They are superheroes after all. You can talk about your dad, also. But talk about your mom more, okay?

9. Fashion

With trends changing everyday and people making fierce,bolder choices - the fashion world is constantly evolving. You can’t deny fashion and you can’t ignore it - it’s such a grand topic to talk about.

9 Things to talk about

10. Gender Fluidity

As we are more and more influenced by the west and what it has to offer, somehow what’s happening in that part of the world finds space in conversations of this side of the world too. Many people are opening up about their sexuality and how they are very comfortable being gender fluid. India has a long way to go, but that doesn’t keep us from hoping that it will, right?

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