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8 Things To Keep In Mind When You’re Planning A Trip With Him!

8 Things To Keep In Mind When You’re Planning A Trip With Him!
The very sound of a romantic getaway with your partner is exciting. But before you get too carried away, know that unexpected things happen when people step out of their comfort zones. As much as you may think you know someone in everyday life, you’ll find out some things about them only  during a vacation. Like they say, ‘You don’t really know someone until you travel with them’!

1. What YOU want

You may be perfectly compatible in everyday life but a vacation is a different story. He may want to laze on a beach, while you may want to take a dip in the ocean. He may love museums while you may prefer shopping. Plan a vacation that fits your couple personality instead. And since there may not be time for everything, it’s best to negotiate so that both of you enjoy the time away. 1 travel as a couple

2. Personal hygiene can be a problem

Know that everyone has a different understanding of hygiene and his may be completely opposite to yours. He may like two quick showers a day while you love your one long beauty bath. You may brush quickly while he likes to do 10 chores with the toothbrush in his mouth – some of the little habits can be annoying and so it is best to talk and discuss these in advance. Remember to be accommodating though! Also read: 11 Cute (And Slightly Cheesy) Moments *Every* Couple Shares!

3. There will be fights

It’s inevitable. Everyone has their trigger points. But know that conflicts can be harder to deal with on vacation. Don’t nag, but don’t bottle up either because one outburst is enough to ruin the vacation. Remember that you are there to enjoy. Be in the moment. Relax and take a chill pill. 3 travel as a couple

4. Spending can be tricky

Everyone looks at vacation differently. Like, he may want to be thrifty but you may want to splurge. Or you may only spend on essentials while he has been saving for that branded original leather wallet. It's okay. Everyone has the right to do what they like and how they like it. No point in judging. And if you both are sharing the cost, make an agreement beforehand.

5. Snooze points

Everyone’s sleeping habits are different on vacation. Right from it being okay to oversleep and miss the free buffet breakfast to watching TV due to insomnia or snoring – there is a lot to tackle in this area. Stay calm - discuss. 5 travel as a couple

6. Travel behaviors could be poles apart

Sometimes a long journey itself can make people jittery. Road stresses, travel delays, long queues or just too much of each other's company can be annoying. One of you could have motion sickness, someone may like to read or just listen to music. Gauge how your partner feels and make sure you accommodate each other’s likes and dislikes. It is just the way everyone likes to travel. Also read: Why Travelling With Him Is The Ultimate Way To Know Him Better!

7. Me time is essential

Just because you are together on the vacation doesn’t mean you have to be glued to each other. Take a tiny break. Go have coffee alone, or enter a bookshop, be good to yourself. It’s far better than dragging him around to do things he is not interested in. 7 travel as a couple

8. You’ll have to be tolerant

From sharing one bathroom to watching him have tea in bed (without brushing), many of his habits that may annoy you and you’ll have to be a bit lenient. Who said couplehood is easy? Remember that you're going to see each other at your worst. On a vacation, it’s easy for things to not go according to plan. Unmade rooms, unexpected detours, uncouth drivers – it’s all a good way to see how your partner handles stress. On your part – try to not make a scene; you wouldn’t want to create bad memories after all! GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr