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9 Fashion Items Under Rs 500 You HAVE To Buy This Week!

9 Fashion Items Under Rs 500 You HAVE To Buy This Week!
If owning fifty shoes and a hundred dresses was a cheap affair, we’d have them all! We can, however, only wish for that. But what we can receive are other surprises that are not too harsh on our pockets. In the world of internet, you can just type ‘things to get under 500 bucks’ and actually find some pretty cool stuff. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the kind of things you can get under Rs. 500. Here are a few of those amazing things!

1. A Sassy Dress!

1 things to buy on Jabong

Okay, let’s catch our breaths. This darling dress at that price is to die for. With its soft hued collar and the tinted stripes all over, it is just about the cutest thing we’ve seen today. It’s perfect for college, a date, or even a party - when teamed with suitable accessories and heels!

Price: Rs. 479. Buy it here.

2. A Miniature Bag Of Cheers!

2 things to buy on Jabong

You might never really go out and spend tonnes of money on bags of every colour, unless of course if you love collecting them. But this cutie is simply irresistible. This sweet little chirpy mini bag will complement your outfits and perk them up.

Price: Rs. 499. Buy it here.  

3. A Fancy Necklace!

3 things to buy on Jabong

Let’s admit it girls, we can never have enough of these pretty baubles. From long pendants to bold chokers, we’d love to collect them all. So, take this one with all our love, for it will make any outfit look glam and your hotness quotient will rise up instantly.

Price: Rs. 400. Buy it here.

4. A Cool Pair Of Shades

4 things to buy on Jabong

A pair of aviators to match all your groovy clothes seems to be in order this season. These classy blue ones are perfect for the summer and so trendy! We’d say get a few of them to amp up your sunglasses game.

Price: Rs. 499. Buy it here.

5. A Stylish Kurta!

5 things to buy on Jabong

For every desi girl, that is all of us, one more kurta seems like the correct way to spend 500 bucks. This gorgeous pink-dotted belle with the yoke cutout is lovely. No questions asked. Do you feel the same way?

Price: Rs. 399. Buy it here.

6. A Cute-sy Charming Skirt

6 things to buy on Jabong

We give this one a full thumbs up. The scalloped edges, the tiny cutout pattern and the fitted silhouette has gorgeous written all over it. We cannot wait to pair this with some printed tops and our favourite summer sandals. Quite a catch, isn’t it?

Price: Rs. 449. Buy it here.

7. A Set Of Three Quirky Panties!

7 things to buy on Jabong

A girl can never have enough of these comfy cotton panties. These cute aztec print panties are a must have. Get a few of these, you know you’ll need them.

Price: Rs. 472. Buy it here.

8. A Pair Of Happy Sandals!

8 things to buy on Jabong

This attractive pair of sandals is something we’d love to wear with our whites and pastels. Non-fussy yet so vivid - these sandals are available in more colours, so take your pick and have fun.

Price: Rs. 499. Buy it here.

9. A Funky Watch!

9 things to buy on Jabong

A watch with a pop coloured bracelet and a vintage dial is surely a valuable addition to our trinket box. This one is special and unique and the only accessory you need to give that extra edge to your look.

Price: Rs 419. Buy it here.
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