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8 Things You *Can’t* Do Without In A Long Distance Relationship

8 Things You *Can’t* Do Without In A Long Distance Relationship
We have all seen many long distance relationships - some worked out and some didn’t have a happy ending. There are some things every long distance relationship needs in order to last. Here are a few of them...

1. Honesty

It’s rightly said ‘Honesty is the best policy’ because there is no point playing games and hiding things from that special someone. It will keep pricking your conscience and you will have to spill the beans sooner or later. So talk, and share things with your partner. Take their help and solve it before it’s too late.

1 Long distance relationship

2. Trust

It is any relationship’s foundation. Trust your partner completely; don’t freak out when he doesn’t reply to you right away or when you see his picture online with another girl. Trust him and talk to him if something is bothering you - because resentment is definitely not the way to go.

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3. Patience

It’s really hard to be patient when you see their picture online with someone or some check in they didn’t tell you about. That’s when you need patience the most, because in this moment of jealousy (which you might not even be able to explain to yourself) you need to give him time and a chance to explain himself and the situation. And please don’t be condescending while you address this issue.

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4. Special Time

Skype/Facetime is your best friend. Have date nights regularly. Talk to each other, be romantic. Seeing each other, looking into each other’s eyes and hearing each other's’ voices can make everything right.

5. Appreciation

Appreciate each other, and tell him why you are in love with him. Send each other thoughtful gifts. This will make him feel special and more loved.

5 Long distance relationship

6. Do Things Together

Watch movies together, or series that you both love. Play games or take fun online quizzes! Because it’s healthy for any relationship and will make it stronger.

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7. Gossip

How about talking to each other about stuff completely unrelated to your relationship; tell them about your day, the people in office. The person in office who pisses you off or your boss who is no good. Vent and share!

7 Long distance relationship

8. Surprise Element

Surprise them. Visit them. Especially when they need you the most. Whether it's a special occasion or they’ve just been going through a really hard time, your presence will definitely make everything better!

There is a reason you are with them. So put in that extra effort and make it work. Give it your best and make the wait worthwhile.

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