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8 Things About You That Don’t Have To Change After The Wedding!

8 Things About You That Don’t Have To Change After The Wedding!
Ok, so you may have changed your address and your last name (purely optional, BTW); but there are some things that really should not change after the wedding.

1. Your date nights with the husband

Just because he’s got the ‘husband’ tag now doesn’t mean things have to become drab and boring between you two. This is the guy you’ve chosen to be with the rest of your life – make that romance happen, you two!

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2. Your relationship with your parents

The two people who brought you into this world will hold the same place in their heart for you as they always have! Make sure you are a super daughter to them; not forgetting them and their needs as they age too.

3. Your work ethic

Excuse me? Who said you can’t have a flourishing personal life and career? Redirect them to me because they are in for an earful. Remember, to be a #GirlBoss you need to put in 100% into your career goals AND personal goals.

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4. Your attitude towards single people

Do us a favour? Don’t become one of those holier than thou people once you tie the knot! Single people are just people who haven’t signed a legal document yet. It doesn’t make them better or worse than you. We all make our own choices and it’s only best if we happily live with our own – without judging others.

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5. Your independence

If you were always a sorted, independent kind of girl then please be that after marriage as well! You don’t have to turn into this dependent wife waiting for her husband to take her places.

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6. Your friendships

Repeat after me, “I will make time for my friends.” Please remember ladies, friendships don’t just miraculously “happen”. We have to make time for them. We have to nurture them. We need to girls’-night-the-crap-outta them. Got it? Good!

7. Your personality

Girl, we live in evolved times. Marriage is what you make of it, so is being a wife. If you want to stay the same and not change after marriage, that’s totally valid. You can talk the same way, dress the same way, and just be who you are. Isn’t that what your husband and his family liked about you to begin with?!

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8. Your need for ‘me’ time

Everyone needs ‘me’ time – it’s a universal fact. It’s that time we spend with ourselves doing what we please. It could be reading, going to the gym or going for a drive. Find a way to make time for the things you like to do, the ones that make your heart happy. Because the only way to love someone else is to first love yourself. Trust us, if you set the precedent early on in your married life, everyone will adjust to it.

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