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5 Things You Need To Make Working Out EASY!

5 Things You Need To Make Working Out EASY!
How many times have we committed ourselves to getting out there and becoming fit, only to hit a pause because we didn’t know where to begin? We’ve got a simple list of 5 things you will need to give yourself that much-needed push to workout. Are you ready?

1. The correct pair of sports shoes

It’s important to get a pair of shoes that support your chosen workout routine. If you plan to start jogging or running, get a pair of running shoes that you’re comfortable in. But don’t head to the gym in the same shoes – gym workouts typically require you to move in multiple directions and not just forward, and therefore your shoes must be able to support this movement. Planning to do a mix of running and functional training? Two new shoes! things that make workouts easy

2. Gym clothes!

Anything that starts with shopping can never be bad! It’s important to get clothes that suit your workout routine. So depending on whether you’re starting off with zumba or yoga, get the right sportswear for yourself. And don’t forget to wear a sports bra to support your girls! But just because your gym clothes are meant for sweating out doesn’t mean that they have to be dull. Get yourself some stylish workout clothes that will make you feel excited about getting dressed up to sweat it out. Even better, reward yourself at each milestone with a little shopping. Now that’s some incentive to move!  

3. A workout partner

Having a workout buddy is a great option. You can team up with a friend who is already into exercising to help you get started. Put her in charge of dragging your butt out on days when your motivation is low or you’re feeling lazy. You can also choose to workout with friends who are newbies like yourself and motivate each other to get fit, or join a running group like the Nike+ Run Club where you can get access to a coach. Plus working out in a group is so much more fun! things that make workouts easy

4. A workout schedule

No matter how you choose to get fit, it’s important to start slow. It’s also equally important to give yourself enough time to recover so that you don’t injure yourself. You can get a professional personal trainer to help you plan out your schedule or you could just use the Nike+ Training Club (NTC) app, which has many types of workouts for different fitness levels. The best part is you can choose to do these workouts in the comfort of your own home! Goodbye, expensive gym memberships! And if you’re looking to run, the Nike+ Running App has a Coach feature which can help you plan out your runs to achieve milestones one at a time. You can sync both the apps to get collective Nike Fuel points and compete with friends!

5. The right music

Music can be a great motivator! Many seasoned fitness enthusiasts swear by their workout playlists - not only does it enhance your mood but the right ‘power song’ can give you that much-needed dose of motivation. We absolutely love this new song we discovered a couple of days ago called Da Da Ding, which is already at the top of our workout playlists! You can check out the song here. things that make workouts easy * This is a sponsored post for Nike. Download the Nike+ Running App and the Nike+ Training App to start moving or register for a session at the Nike Running Club or Nike+ Training Club if you’re in Mumbai. #justdoit GIFs: Tumblr and Giphy.