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8 Things That ONLY Happen When You Visit Your Nani Ka Ghar!

8 Things That ONLY Happen When You Visit Your Nani Ka Ghar!
To us desi girls, summer holidays rarely spelt disneyland. But more often than not, it meant a week long stay at “naani house”. In fact, for many of us, it was the only long trip away from home that we went for, and yet it was amazing, every single time. Here are 8 things that only happen in naani ka ghar!

1. Your mum stays up late at night gossipping with your nani and maasi…

And that’s a rare sight considering how she is the one who keeps pushing you to your bed as soon as the clock strikes 10, back at home.

2. You get to hear SO many tales of what your parents were like when they were young…

Your nani is like a gold mine from a time you can’t believe used to exist. She never fails to fascinate you with her never-ending tales of your parents’ exploits as kids and young lovers.

2 naani house

3. In fact, your mum gets scolded, if she tries to scold you…

Imagine that!

4. All day long you are fed sweets, chips, samose - and just whatever else you wish for.

You are just too spoilt for choice.

4 naani house

5. You sleep in the early morning, wake up after half the day has passed and yet no one says a word to you…

Ah, the good life. This is what every day should be like!

6. You cram into bed with your cousins and queue up for bathrooms

‘Coz suddenly there are so many people in the house, that all sense of “organized living” is abandoned.

6 naani house

7. You play board games and look up old albums where everyone looks weird and laugh like you can’t stop…

All this makes you wish you could stay there forever. But then you miss your dad and your friends back at home a lot too!

8. Summer holidays at nani’s house feels like a week long party

And you feel super sad to go back home. But then your nani packs a hundred gifts and snacks for you and that makes the journey back home, a bit better! :p

8 naani house

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