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9 Things That Happen When Families Meet For An Arranged Shaadi!

9 Things That Happen When Families Meet For An Arranged Shaadi!
Meeting your prospective husband through your parents is already a strange idea for some. It can be intimidating, awkward and even funny. Especially, if you are meeting the parents of the man. They have a bunch of things they want to ask and say to you, and all you can do is nod politely sometimes and if the conversation becomes funny, you can laugh about it in your head. Here are some hilarious things that happen when two families have a rishta meetings set up!

1. The Constantly ‘Checking Out’ Mothers!

We’d always imagine that the guy would be looking at you, but strangely enough it’s the guy’s mother who has all her eyes on you. From checking out the way you eat to the way you walk, she is laser-focussed on you! Same goes for your mother too - she is examining the guy for hidden clues!

1 rishta meetings

2. The Father Boasting About His Son’s Achievements!

Fathers go on and on about their son’s new business project or promotion. Obviously, he is super proud of him and it would be wrong not to tell the other side about his ‘glorious’ victories!

3. The Guy’s Sibling Trying To Make Small Talk!

The only person in your generation who is trying to make you comfortable by talking about normal stuff that you don’t have to prepare an answer for in advance.

3 rishta meetings

4. The ‘Looking At Your Watch’ Syndrome!

You want to escape this moment since it seems weird. Here are two unknown families trying to chat, and you can catch everyone looking at their watches to know when this drill is going to get over!


5. You Have To Answer Gharelu Type Questions!

“Do you know how to cook, beta? Yes, aunty.” You get the drift. There are certain things that fit into an ‘ideal bahu sentiment. There is only one correct answer.

5 rishta meetings

6. The Showing Off!

Everyone is trying to outdo the other family with their “Humare family main toh…” and “Humara ladka toh...” statements.

7. The Talk In The First Half Hour Is All About The Weather!

You are meeting for the first time, you don’t really know what to talk about, so you chat about the weather like the weather man.

7  rishta meetings

8. The Judgements And Analysis

You cannot wait to get home and talk about the boy, the family and, in retrospective, remember the replies you gave and what your verdict is!

9. Asking A Simple Question In The Most Twisted Manner!

“So, how do you go to work? I drive.” A subtle way of asking if you drive your own car, have a chauffeur-driven car or use public transport. The best part is you know what they’re trying to say because that is exactly how you would ask this question to gauge their lifestyle!

9 rishta meetings

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