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7 Things You’ll ONLY Get If You’ve Studied At St. Stephen’s!

Sanya Jain

Guest Contributor

Every college has certain characteristics that define it, and St. Stephen’s is no different. There is so much about college that only Stephanians will relate to, from morning assemblies to smoke breaks at the Ridge. Here are 7 things that only students of St. Stephen’s College will relate to:

1. The Morning Assemblies

It was “character building” stuff at 9 in the morning.

2. Samosas Between Lectures

Running to Rohtas Ji’s Dhaba ( :( ) between lectures, because there wasn’t enough time to eat at the Cafe.

2 students of st stephens

3. Hostels Being Called Residence

And the struggle to get into Res. And how easy it was to get thrown out of it. But mostly how much fun it was.

4. Sunshine On SCR Lawns

Soaking up the sun on the SCR Lawns during the chilly Delhi winters was just the best feeling ever!

4 students of st stephens

5. Hogging At The Cafe

And how we spent more time on those cozy cane chairs than actually inside the classrooms.

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6. Open Societies

Anyone could join any number of societies, because college was one big family. :)

6 students of st stephens

7. Harmony: The ‘Open’ Fest

Only because that’s when 47 Seconds To Fame happens and everybody’s inner crazy comes out.

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Published on Jun 10, 2016
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