11 Things I Can *Only* Talk To My Boyfriend About!

11 Things I Can *Only* Talk To My Boyfriend About!
Dear Boyfriend,

Although you may think I am a chatterbox (which I most certainly am), there are a few things that I only, and only, tell YOU. That’s because you are “my” person, and I trust you more than I trust anyone else in the world!


Your girlfriend

1. My sexual fantasies

You are obviously the only one who knows all my hanky panky business, it’s a part of the deal! And, ahem, there is a reason why I spell out my fantasies to you (apart from the fact that I trust you). IYKWIM ;)

1 only tell my boyfriend

2. The goofy things I am too embarrassed to tell anyone else!

Behind the suited-up career woman is a goofball who counts exactly how many months and days we have been dating for, who likes to eat raw Maggie, hates bathing on sundays, sleeps with her t-shirt inside out because that feels more comfy, and a bunch of other crazy things! You know that, don’t you?

3. The deep dark secret I plan to take to my grave

You know that thing I specifically sat you down and told you? The one that took up almost the whole day? Yeah...that. No one else knows and no one else needs to know, EVER! So, shhhhh!

3 only tell my boyfriend

4. When I am having issues with my girl besties!

My girl besties are my pillars of strength and when I see that pillar developing cracks, I obviously need someone to talk to. And that someone is always YOU. I cannot just talk to any Tom, Dick and Harry about it because that's against the rules of bestie-hood. But you are BAE and that makes you special! *flying kiss*

5. And most of all when I am having issues with my guy bestie!

So initially when I had issues with you I probably consulted him for some “guy advice,” and now when I have issues with him, it is only natural that I will come to you. And the bestie clan logic stands true here too. No one can help me work out guy psychology better than you can.

5 only tell my boyfriend

6. When I am broke and I need some help

When I am kinda broke and I don’t want to ask my parents for money because I am trying to be “independent”, you are my one-man rescue unit! I will eventually return the money, but hey, you help me sail through the crisis every time, so thank you!  :)

7. Where I hide my personal diary!

Okay this one’s real special and literally says “I trust you a lot!” Unless I have, in a fit of amnesia, forgotten to tell you something, chances are you know most of my secrets. Yet, there are a LOT of private things in my diary! So, in case of an apocalypse, you have to be the one to destroy it! :p

7 only tell my boyfriend

8. All the blah stuff about my family!

Every family has issues, and I cannot talk to just anyone about them. I see you as a part of my family (well, almost!), and trust you to neither judge me nor them for whatever I tell you about my family. And yes, no one else is close enough for me to share these troubles with!

9. The insecurity I am too embarrassed to admit to the world!

My skin color or weight or height or an awkward birthmark or my accent! If I have an insecurity, I cannot and will not tell the world. Firstly because I am too embarrassed, and secondly because I cannot risk exposing my weakness to everyone. You, however, are different. I plan to share my life with you!

9 only tell my boyfriend

10. When I am turned on! ;)

Need I say more?

11. My craziest, stupidest and weirdest obsession!

Yes, THAT weird OCD I told you about? That’s what I am talking about! Did you think everyone knows about it? Nopesy, nope, nope!

11 only tell my boyfriend

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