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9 Things You'll Only Get If You're A Total Tomboy!!

9 Things You'll Only Get If You're A Total Tomboy!!
If you’re the kind of girl who screws up her face every time her bestie is slathering on makeup or crushing on a pair of heels, you’re definitely NOT the girly girl. You like hanging out with the boys, you’re usually found in soiled clothes, you don’t care if people judge you and pink...what’s that? Here are 9 things you’ll relate to if you’re the tomboy in your gang!

1. You clown, you!

You have the wackiest sense of humour and you’re the one who makes the entire group buckle up with laughter. Your sense of humour is raw and slapstick and a lot of your jokes are often met with “ewww” and “yuck!” from your girl gang. But they still turn to you when they need some comic relief.

things every tomboy will get

2. The bodyguard of the group

If you’re going out with your girlfriends, their mothers are unlikely to refuse permission because you’re around. With the rough and tough image that you have, you’re considered the bodyguard of the group and you live up to the reputation by always being protective of your girls.

3. The fightercock

You’re always up for a fight, especially to defend your friends. You are not one to shy away when it comes to a one-on-one fights with practically anyone when it comes to your friends. While everyone else stands on the sidelines, you’re right in the middle of a row...always!

things every tomboy will get

4. You’re the bro

More often than not, you find your guy friends saying, “Tu toh apna bhai hai yaar!”. The boys treat you like one of the bros and don’t shy away from using abusive language in your presence. There’s no hitting on you or even being all chivalrous. Guys are completely at ease when they’re around you and talk to you about all their girl issues.

5. You’re not body confident

You usually lack the kind of confidence other girls have. And more often than not you’ve wondered whether guys find you attractive. You may feel that you aren’t girly enough to charm boys and you definitely don’t want to pretend to be a damsel in distress! Truth is, all women are beautiful and no amount of makeup or heels or dressing up can change that.

things every tomboy will get

6. You get bored of ‘girl talk’

Sometimes, you’re very disinterested in things that your girlfriends talk about, like the latest fashion trends and what a celebrity wore and who they’re dating. You find yourself getting bored and yawning during the course of these conversations. You’d rather talk about the next India-Pak match.

7. Meet the parents

Your parents have very different issues in life. While everyone’s parents tell their daughters how unsafe it is after dark, yours are more concerned with your sexual orientation. You often hear them say, “Beta, thodi toh ladkiyon jaisi banja!”

things every tomboy will get

8. Your fashion sense is VERY different

You don’t appreciate what members of your girl gang wear. You’d rather be comfy in your baggy clothes and biker tees. You definitely know how to keep it cool and stylish in your own unique way and can’t bother with accessorising and uncomfortable clothing.

9. Girly days are celebrated

The day you wear a dress or a lehenga, you’re the centre of attention and your mother celebrates the occasion like it's a festival! She loves drawing people's attention towards you and how feminine and graceful you look. You, on the other hand, roll your eyes all throughout and wish you were on another planet.

things every tomboy will get

It’s not just a princess with a tiara who rules, it’s also a princess with a sword and a badass attitude that can take on the world. Don’t change for anyone and just be your fun self. You go, girl!

Contributed by: Nayanika Ratnu

Nayanika is pursuing a degree in Economics at the Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai. She has an undying love for writing and never leaves her house without a book in hand. 

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