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8 Things Every Girl Wants To Tell Her Parents Before Her Shaadi

8 Things Every Girl Wants To Tell Her Parents Before Her Shaadi

No matter how prepared you are for the new phase of your life, leaving your home is no easy task. Here are all the things every bride wants to tell her parents before she gets married. (We suggest you keep tissues handy).

1. “I cannot even bear the thought of living in a different house than this one.”

Sure, you love your fiancé but that doesn’t mean you won’t miss your home terribly! 1 bride wants to tell her parents

2. “Thank you for being the most amazing parents in the world.”

Each daughter has her share of arguments with her folks but the bond we share with them is also irreplaceable and we are thankful for it.

3. “I want you to know I’ll always be there for you.”

You will always strive to be there for them in every way you can. 3 bride wants to tell her parents

4. “No one in the world can take your place.”

It’s true that in-laws are like a second set of parents, but then your own mom and dad brought you in this world and raised you. No one knows you better than they do and no one can possibly love you more.

5. “Sorry for all the times I didn’t value your presence.”

If only we could turn back time, we would do things differently. For starters, we’d fight with our parents much less! 5 bride wants to tell her parents

6. “Please know that you have taught me well and I will uphold those values forever.”

All parents stress over their children and it’s natural that yours do too. But all they need is that reassurance that you’re a big girl that can take on the world with dignity and class.

7. “I never want you to feel that I’m inaccessible.”

Whether travelling the world or living on another continent – our parents need to know that we are accessible to them 24x7. And it’s always a pleasure to include them in our lives. 7 bride wants to tell her parents

8. “If only there was a way to avoid this goodbye.”

Living away from your folks is something that really does take getting used to. In moments of sadness, there’s no other thought that looms larger in our heads. Oh, if we could only have the best of both worlds.
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Published on Jun 30, 2016
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