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9 Things You’ll ONLY Get If You’re A Girl Studying Engineering!

9 Things You’ll ONLY Get If You’re A Girl Studying Engineering!
Yes, engineering colleges have a very different vibe and no, not all of us are complete geeks who are always high. If you’re an engineering student and you have been subjected to stereotypes, here are 9 things only you will relate to!

1. Guys everywhere!

In most engineering colleges, the gender ratio is strikingly uneven. If you spot even one girl in your class, stick to her like an electromagnet. She might be the only girl friend you’ll make in college.

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2. Age-old remarks

You’ve probably heard EVERY sexist remark in the book about your career choice. And you’re tired of trying to explain that engineering, like all other subjects, is not gender specific. This is not a boys-only career. And the most ridiculous thing you hear in college itself is that writing lab reports and assignments is always a girl's task. #WTF

3. Chivalry not dead...

In mechanical labs, you get to see that chivalry is definitely not dead, it’s just become a bit desperate! All the guys rush to be the first to help the few girls with machines and anything else that might need lifting. Chill guys, we can handle it.


4. Group study

There are SO many study groups formed just before the exams. And in almost every group, the guys believe that the girls are more prepared and the girls think it’s the guys! ;P

5. Participate in everything

The number of girls in your entire batch is so less that you have to take part in all the functions. For some reason everyone believes girls are more expressive, so whether it’s dancing or singing or acting, we’re always needed.

things only engineering student will get

6. Bad influence

For some reason, engineering colleges have a reputation for students who like the “high” life. And as a result, you are likely to come across someone who offers to “source” stuff for you.

7. Intelligent people

You get to live these few years surrounded by highly intelligent people. You often wonder if you even belong among these geniuses...YOU DO! You’re as capable as the others who are studying there, so believe in yourself. And don’t worry, you will find help to solve every problem in minutes, be it a computer glitch or relationship advice!

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7. Unsolved mysteries

The greatest unsolved mystery for you may be how the guy who comes last in the class has better hacking skills than you do! “That” guy somehow seems to be a bit better with codes and computers.

8. No time to date

Want to go on a coffee date with that cute senior? You two can try to fix a date for one Sunday, three months later! With all the classes you have to attend and the assignments you have to complete, it’s quite impossible to have a proper dating/social life.

things only engineering student will get 2

9. Teachers love you

Your guy friends are always jealous of you because the teachers are much nicer to you than to them. This is probably because in a swarm of loud (sometimes rude!) men, girls stand out and bring a fresh change to conversations!

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Contributed By: Diotima Dutta Gupta

Diotima is currently pursuing a degree in Computer Science Engineering in Kolkata. She loves reading, swimming and playing chess. She has a passion for traveling and photography.

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