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9 Things You’ll Only Get If You *Don’t* Want A Big, Fat Wedding!

9 Things You’ll Only Get If You *Don’t* Want A Big, Fat Wedding!
With the wedding comes a lot of pressure – what the perfect venue will be, who will do the catering and how many cuisines should be served. Where can one find an extremely tasteful decorator and how long the guest list should be - the planning is never-ending and the expectant guests eagerly wait to watch the grand show and pass the verdict. However, some couples prefer to ditch the traditional wedding itineraries and go for a simpler, smaller affair, which makes things easier for them and their guests. Here’s are a things you’ll only get if you’re the kind of person for whom a smaller, close-knit ceremony is the ideal wedding…

1. Signatures over saat phere

Sitting by the fire in the mandap with the panditji on one side and your parents on the other for a span for 3-4 hours - not the preferred thing for these couples. Therefore, keeping it simple and to the point would mean putting on some nice clothes and heading to the court to sign the marriage papers. Quick and easy, isn’t it?

2. No heavy clothes

Heavy clothes might be way too impractical for this bride and groom. Keep it as casual as can be – a little makeup and some jewellery to complement the look. The easy breezy clothes make it easy to move around and have a good time. Besides, trials and heavy bills for the all those embellished outfit ideas are kept at bay. Win-win situation! 2 traditional wedding

3. ONE party only

The ideal scenario would be a court wedding in the presence of immediate family, followed by one fun dinner and dance evening for all the guests. Great time to pop that bubbly, guys!

4. Fewer ceremonies, of course

If not following any customs at all isn’t acceptable to the family, some (and they mean the minimum possible) small ceremonies would be performed at home. This way, the guests don’t have to extend their trip over 6-7 days to attend all the endless ceremonies at a wedding. A quickie wedding can be very convenient, we say!
4 traditional wedding

5. Near and dear ones only, please!

These couples don’t want their big day to be a massive event where 1,500 people come (most of whom they probably haven’t even met before!), have a good meal, exchange pleasantries and leave. Their guest list would include a select few, close relatives and friends, whom they can genuinely share their happiness with. banner

6. Ban those gifts

These couples often make a conscious decision to not accept gifts from their guests. Some even mention this specification on their invites. Sagan is something they don’t agree with - the idea for them is for their guests to be present on their happy occasion. Fuss-free wedding, ain’t it? 6 traditional wedding

7. No decor drama

Spending time and energy and effort on flowers and a huge stage and various other decorative items is a complete no-no for these couples. Practical thinking, all the way!

8. Wedding or vacay?

A small guest list and few ceremonies can sometimes make for a fun destination wedding. Handling a thousand guests at a resort can be inconvenient and a very pricey affair. These couples make their wedding more of a vacation for their select guests, as opposed to it being a hectic time with function after function, and multiple clothes/makeup changes in a day. 8 traditional wedding

9. Photos, food and LOTS of fun

What these couples like to splurge on is some amazing photography, in order to capture the best moments and create some wonderful memories. The food and drinks are also priority at these weddings. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?
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