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5 Things Every Girl Should STOP Saying To Herself

5 Things Every Girl Should STOP Saying To Herself
Let’s say it together - “we are strong, independent women and we don’t need anyone to feel good about ourselves”. We see a lot of women who are low on self-esteem because they forget that they are wonderful, gifted creatures. So, girls, lets take a stand today. Let’s refuse to ever say these things again....  

1. “I feel so incomplete without him”

Really? How does he make you so incomplete? You were whole before “that” guy entered your life and you still are. So stop fretting and start celebrating yourself. things all girls should stop saying 1

2. “Do I look fat?”

So, here’s a question - what will happen if you look fat? Will fast food chains start selling diet burgers or will cheese become less attractive!? Be body confident, stop body shaming ­and definitely stop being so harsh on yourself. Love yourself. Embrace every part of you!

3. “That girl is such a slut!”

There is already so much that women have to deal with on a day-to-day basis, so why add to it with girl-on-girl hate. Using your body the way you want is not reason enough to question your morals. Live and let live and definitely love every woman like you would love yourself. things all girls should stop saying 2

4. “I wish I was like her…”

You are perfect the way you are. Being envious of someone else’s body, clothes or life doesn’t make you into that person, does it? Life’s short, be happy with who you are and you’ll come across as a confident person.

5. “I hate periods!”

So you get periods on time every month but you hate it? There’s no need to be upset. Why? Because not every girl gets their periods regularly. And regular periods and a good flow means you are fit. Also, you won’t be PMSing anymore, which is great! And it also means you’re not pregnant. *phew* things all girls should stop saying 4 Contributed by: Alice Ho Alice is pursuing engineering (accidentally!) at SNIST, Hyderabad. She loves to carry a smile and pass it on to whomever she can! She loves to read, write, eat and sleep and is highly inspired by Michelle Obama. MUST-READ: 10 Life Lessons We Learnt From Phoebe From F.R.I.E.N.D.S.! MUST-READ: Things Girls Say When They Are Mad at Boys!