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8 Silly Fights We ONLY Have With Our Siblings!

8 Silly Fights We ONLY Have With Our Siblings!
Didn’t we all grow up picking fights with our siblings almost every single day over silly, little things? Two kids living in the same house sharing the same toys, food, parents and their affection means too many common grounds to brew fights upon. Here are 8 most common sibling fights each one of us has had!

1. Who will operate the coveted TV remote?

For whoever wins this battle gets to decide what show runs on the TV for the next one hour, at least. And that is a big win, folks!

2. Who has more important work to do on the laptop, right now?

Truth be told, both of you could use the laptop later, but this fight is not about the laptop. It’s about who proves his/her work and life in general is more important than the other's - and you just can’t afford to lose this one.

2 sibling fights

3. Who will get to use the bathroom first?

Because, whoever rushes first gets a) a cleaner bathroom and b) more time to dress up. And the loser has to wait for the winner to finish up!

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4. Whose turn is it to clean the closet or get veggies from the market this time?

‘Coz whoever loved doing chores, right?

4 sibling fights

5. Who gets to eat the last cookie left?

Because cookies taste just so much better when they aren’t too many more left to eat.

6. Who touched my stuff?

‘Coz clothes/shoes/pencil boxes can’t be accessed without prior permission.

6 sibling fights

7. Who started calling the other names first?

‘Coz that’s how the parents decide who started the actual fight and is at fault here.

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8. Who is the favourite kid?

‘Coz the favourite one gets it all, and of course you want that title!

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