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The First Time I Sent A Nude Selfie To My Boyfriend!

The First Time I Sent A Nude Selfie To My Boyfriend!
Across the globe, one of the biggest challenges couples face in a long distance relationship is physical intimacy. My relationship was the perfect example. While I was studying economics here in Bombay, my boyfriend was studying law in Bangalore. I kid you not, but every single day we would text and skype at night. I missed him too much to not talk to him even for a day!

Although he used to visit me once every two months, the quality time I got with him was just never enough for me. It was like the more I saw him, the more I wanted him to stay. I missed his touch, those warm bear hugs and his sweet voice.

One casual night, he called me up like he always did. I was a bit taken by surprise when he told me he just called up to tell me that he missed me. His next four words sent shivers down my spine - “I want you here.” At that point of time, if I was with him, I swear I would have ran into his arms and never let go.

To spoil the moment, my sister walked into my room. I had to cut short the conversation and ask him to text me as I didn’t want her to hear our mushy conversation. We continued texting. And, as we ran into the night, our conversation went from “how was your day?” to “I miss you so much” to “If you were here I would have done...” and finally to “what are you wearing right now?” Before we knew it, we were sexting.

In between, I put down my phone and went into the kitchen to drink some water. Once I got back and unlocked my phone, I noticed that I had received a WhatsApp notification. It was a blurred image and I had to download it to view it. I tapped on it and once it opened, I could believe my eyes. It was a shirtless picture of him! The only thing he was wearing was a smile. I looked at it for a good two minutes and, I have to admit, it turned me on quite a bit.
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I wanted him now! In spite of distance being a physical obstacle, it wasn’t one in my head. While we continued sexting, he casually asked me to send him a nude too. Truth be told, he’s seen me without my clothes a couple of times, but I’ve never had the guts to send him (or anyone before him) a nude picture of myself. I was nervous, but strangely, at that point of time, the mood felt just right.

I tiptoed my way into the bathroom, switched on the lights without making a sound, locked the door and looked at myself straight in the mirror. I removed my clothes, unhooked my bra, picked up my phone and quickly sent him a snap on Snapchat (since it lasts for just 10 seconds) to be safe. I mean, I do love him, but what if he loses his phone or it finds its way into the wrong hands? My nude selfie could get me into some serious s***. I had to be careful for my own safety.

He immediately opened the snap and in 10 seconds, poof! It was gone. He was so taken aback that he replayed the snap, but was decent enough to not take a screenshot of it. After a minute or so, he messaged me back on WhatsApp, saying just one word - “Wow!” The conversation just got hotter after I sent that selfie. But then it was four in the morning and as much as we wanted it to go on, we had to call it a night because both of us had classes the next day.

So I sent him a goodnight text, took a sip of water and tucked myself into bed. I have to admit, it was one of the most peaceful sleeps I’ve had till date - even if it was for just 3 hours until I had to wake up for class!

When I switched on my phone in the morning, I was shocked to see such a huge text msg from him. Not only was he up first to wish me good morning, but he also expressed his love for me through a poem that he sent me as a text. I was beyond touched. I think that one night made us fall in love all over again. It brought back our chemistry and trust. Now, we are closer than ever!

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