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The Cutest Props For The Most Adorable Wedding Photos!

The Cutest Props For The Most Adorable Wedding Photos!
Your wedding day is a really special day and your wedding pictures will preserve these memories for a lifetime. Which is why we have some super-cute photo props ideas that will make your wedding pictures look beyond adorable!

1. A mehendi jhoola

photo props 1

Image: Morvi.Images

The mehendi jhoola is an extremely fun trend and one decked out in genda phool will make for extremely vibrant and colourful photos!

2. Vintage bulbs

photo props 2

Image: Camerawaale Baraati

They look classy and add an element of light to your night-time pictures.

3. A hand cart!

photo props 3

Image: Stories by Joseph Radhik

Done up in the theme of your wedding decor, of course!

4. A ‘Mr and Mrs’ sign

photo props 4

Image: Morvi.Images

The styles are endless. Choose one that goes with your wedding theme and just have fun!

5. Painted trucks

photo props 5

Image: Shweta Poddar Photography

Your guests will go crazy for this one, we promise!

6. Shaadi signs

photo props 6a

Image: Kamana Sharma

photo props 6b

Image: Camerawaale Baraati

Whether it’s your bestie shoot or a ‘save the date’ shoot, your own personalised wedding signs are just what you need.

7. A colourful cycle rickshaw

photo props 8

Image: Bhumi and Simran Photography

...But one decked up in genda phool or your shaadi colours!

8. Hamara Bajaj!

photo props 7

Image: Navdeep Soni

Your guests will love posing with an old school scooter at the shaadi photobooth.

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