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What Beauty Trend Should YOU Be Trying? Your Zodiac Says…

What Beauty Trend Should YOU Be Trying? Your Zodiac Says…
You’re a born star - and defined by stars too! Every woman is born under a zodiac sign that somewhat determines what she likes and how she is. And it goes without saying that each sign has its own preferences when it comes to beauty too! That’s why we bring to you the signature beauty move that each zodiac sign should adopt in order to match their own unique personality!

1. Aries 

1 beauty moves according to zodiac

If you’re a woman born under the fire sign, you’re confident, hot-headed and beautiful, and your makeup should reflect that. We say go bold with a bright red lipstick and some shimmer on your face if you want to dress up. Make good use of red, coral and plum shades in your makeup to channelise your inner energy and paint the town red!

2. Taurus 

Born under the influence of Venus, the Taurean woman is strong, determined and appreciates luxury and the finer things in life. For such a fabulous woman, we recommend neutral, earthy tones that reflect her strong character. If you are a Taurus woman, a nude lipstick and some bronzer should be your signature beauty move. But if you want to channel your inner romantic on occasion, a pretty pink blush on your cheeks should do the trick.

3. Gemini 

3 beauty moves according to zodiac

Are you a Gemini woman? You’re versatile and have a dual personality. To complement your mysterious dual personality, try experimenting by mixing dark and light shades. A neutral lipstick on your lips, for example, with a bright blue eyeshadow, will make you look gorgeous! Don’t stick to one beauty move and keep experimenting with your look!

4. Cancer 

A water sign born under the influence of the moon - you’re quintessentially mysterious, enigmatic and gorgeous. Staying true to their sign, a Cancer woman should indulge in all things fluid and shimmery. Paint your nails a sparkly silver to increase that aura of mystery around yourself!

5. Leo 

5 beauty moves according to zodiac

A Leo woman, born under the fire sign, is inherently magnificent and regal. As a Leo, you should dress up with shades of bold metallic. Going out to party? Ditch the boring black eyeliner and opt for a metallic gold one instead to show off your royal personality.

6. Virgo 

As a Virgo woman, you’re ruled by the planet Mercury, making you dignified, reliable and a strong perfectionist. You like to look polished and sophisticated, so we say that your signature beauty move should definitely include a good foundation for clear, glowing skin and a smart, sophisticated shade of nail paint.

7. Libra 

7 beauty moves according to zodiac

Considered to be one of the most attractive signs, Librans are refined, gorgeous and social. If you’re a Libra woman, you’re already a born fashionista! We say that you play this up to your advantage and go for pretty pink lips and flushed cheeks. You’re sure to get a lot of envious glances!

8. Scorpio 

The Scorpio woman is fierce, sexy and magnetic, and so should be her makeup! For you we recommend cat eyes and bold eyelashes to amp up the hotness quotient. Invest some time in perfecting the smokey eyes look to look even more fabulous than you already are!

9. Sagittarius 

9 beauty moves according to zodiac

Free-spirited, liberal and optimistic. If you’re a Sagittarius woman, these words describe you best. We recommend that you show off your independent streak by doing something really out-there! Like purple highlights, a colourful smokey eye or edgy nail art. After all, unconventional is beautiful too!

10. Capricorn 

A Capricorn woman, ruled by Saturn, is elegant and ambitious. If you are a Capricorn stunner, your makeup move should say two things - sleek and chic. Try going for lovely caramel and pastel shades in your makeup to complement your earth sign and make heads turn!

11. Aquarius

11 beauty moves according to zodiac

Mystical, exquisite and exotic are just some of the adjectives used to describe the Aquarius woman. You should try to play up these qualities by going for bold eyeliner colours and daring eyeshadows. Shiny blue eyeliner? That’s a yes for you!

12. Pisces

As a Pisces woman, you’re a woman of the water sign - capable of emotional depth and sensitivity. You’re also lively and lovely, and so should be your beauty game! Go for water-based cosmetics and the fresh and natural look. And if you want to do something bolder, wear a bright flower in your hair and complement it with a matching lipstick.

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