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9 Texts NOT To Send Your Guy (No Matter How Upset You Are)

9 Texts NOT To Send Your Guy (No Matter How Upset You Are)
Texting day and night - that’s the new relationship norm, isn’t it? Hell, we’ve even learnt how to arouse our partners by typing mere words out to them! But there are a few texts you send to him that he secretly hates receiving. Ask him if we’re wrong.

1. When you want him to do exactly what you want, but don’t wanna say it.

Him: If you don’t want me to go, I won’t. Okay?
Her: Do whatever you want. I don’t care.

2. When you want to make him feel a bit jealous...

Him: Have you left from work?
Her: Yeah, I left slightly early today, Raj and I wanted to catch up over quick drinks.

2 texts that he secretly hates

3. When he doesn't give you all the details...

Him: I am out with my friends, will be home by 10, will call you then.
Her: Okay. Have fun. Where are you going, btw? And who all are there with you? Will Tanya be there? 

4. When you are anything but fine.

Him: Are you mad at me?
Her: No. I’m fine.

4 texts that he secretly hates

5. When you are suspicious of hot girls around your man.

Him: *Puts up a picture with 5 people*
Her: Oh, who’s that girl in that pink top?

6. When don’t wanna tell him that you're mad...

Him: Do you want to go out - we’ll go wherever you want to, just pick a place.
Her: I don’t know. It’s cool. Pick whatever.

6 texts that he secretly hates

7. When you’re stalking him and find some dirt.

Him: What’s up?
Her: Who’s this @missmarshmallow you’re following on Instagram?

8. When you squeeze in a sharp taunt, while sounding all sweet and polite.

Him: Sorry, didn't see your text. What’s up?
Her: Nothing, we can talk when you are not busy, that is if you want to.

8 texts that he secretly hates

9. And this just tops it all! Nothing good can come out of this one.

Her: We need to talk.

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