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10 Quick Styling Tricks For The Girl Who’s Running Late!

10 Quick Styling Tricks For The Girl Who’s Running Late!
Is turning up late to work or parties a common occurrence in your life? You might also find yourself stressing out a bit too much about not stepping out in style and thus changing clothes one after the other until you feel confident enough to walk out. It’s pretty much every girl’s story - wanting to make the minimum effort while still looking stylish and classy! Here are few secrets to always looking polished by making these easy switches and combinations!  

1. Jazz Up A Simple Camisole!

1 how to look polished

You can spruce up a boring camisole or a slip by creating a fun ensemble. Team it up with a loose pair of satin pants in a rich colour. Put on some outlandish sandals and an artsy bag. You’re set. It’s quirky, laidback and yet so swish.

2. Put On Some Heels!

2 how to look polished

You have the power to make daily wear look avant-garde by just simply stepping into heels. Choose atypical heels to make a boring loose pants and tee combination look interesting! Belt up the top so that everything is balanced out and also add on a complimenting bag!

3. Make Jeans Fun And Playful!

3 how to look polished

Jeans are not just something you put on without a thought. We urge you to give them more time than that. They can transform your look to make it fun and sophisticated! Match a pair of flared jeans with smart shoes, a fun graphic tee or a jumper like in the picture and match with statement accessories.

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4. Pick Elegant Silhouettes!

4 how to look polished

Picking the right silhouette is the key to looking well-toned on a daily basis. A fitted pencil skirt and a printed shirt along with basic pumps can change your aura to appear swanky in a jiffy! Prints that have a mysterious element to it or are kitschy in nature are the bomb.  

5. Get Your Makeup & Hair On Point!

5 how to look polished

The first step to looking polished is carrying a hairstyle that is low maintenance so that you don’t have to work on it too much and yet you look ever ready! Make up can alter your look completely. Don’t forget to put on a neat foundation base, a dash of nude lipstick and mascara. Assemble a quick makeup routine for yourself. Don’t ever step out with the previous day’s makeup. Make sure to clean that up!

6. Wear Casual Prints Confidently!

6 how to look polished

When in doubt about your outfit being a bit too casual, amp it up with your ammunitions - the add ons. A classic jacket or a blazer can make a simple printed jumpsuit or maxi dress look grand! Hang on a sculptured bag and some accessories in the form of sunglasses, choker necklaces, rings and funky sandals.

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7. Manicured Hands Speak Loudly!

7 how to look polished

If you don’t have time to plan your outfit then make sure your hands do all the talking for you. Nicely done nails and hands speak of sophistication and elegance. Clear nail paint, a french manicure or a nude colour can work out quite well for formal events. For all the other times, make sure to not wear outrageous colours.

8. Balance It Out With Colours!

8 how to look polished

For the love of neons, pop colours and bright hues - balance it out! When wearing a bold yellow skirt like in this picture, douse the brightness by pairing it with a neutral undertones and attractive shoes. This way you get to have both - the chic and the flirty! This speaks a lot about your styling artistry to the audience.

9. Let Your Shoes Do The Talking!

9 how to look polished

Can’t find time to dress up the way you want to? Just put on some killer shoes and let that be the focus. The classic mistake made by most people who land up looking tacky is wearing shoes that are dirty. That’s a no-no. If you love to wear white sneakers make sure to clean them often so they appear sparkling white!

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10. The Camel Code!

10 how to look polished

As we’ve spoken about this magical colour earlier, we’d like to emphasize again. Double up your wardrobe with pieces in the camel hues. For the matter, a lot of neutral colours. Monochromes, nudes, greys & browns all look ultra modern and exclusive! An easy way to look glam without trying at all!

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