7 Things You'll Totally Get If You're A North Campus Student!

7 Things You'll Totally Get If You're A North Campus Student!
The two different campuses of Delhi University - North and South - have been the root of many debates among its students. While Southies will claim their campus is the more happening of the two, Northerners are sure there is nothing to beat the diverse culture and food at the many colleges in their campus. Here are 7 things you will totally relate to if you are a North campus student.

1. You feel like a celebrity every morning...

The minute you step out of the metro, rickshaw-wallas and auto drivers come running towards you, screaming to get your attention. “Madam, Miranda? Ramjas?” And so, like celebrities ducking paparazzi, you learn to how to maneuver your way past the swarm of autowallas and get onto a shared e-rickshaw - cheap and environment friendly.

student of North campus

2. The overstuffed e-rickshaw

Unless you are interested in waiting for 10 minutes in a yet-to-be-filled e-rick, you should either jump into an almost-filled one or make sure you have at least 3 people with you who are going to the same college as you are.

3. D-school  

Almost broke but really hungry in between classes? D-School is there to save the day! The canteen at Delhi School of Economics (a.k.a D-school) has very tasty food which is extremely affordable . Everything is just as you want and fits a normal college kid’s budget (i.e. almost broke) perfectly. ;)

student of North campus

4. The Kamala-Hudson confusion

On days when you do have money to spend, deciding where to go between Kamala Nagar and Hudson Lane becomes tough. Kamala Nagar has more options for shopping (shoes and accessories) while Hudson Lane has great food joints.

5. DU Elections

During the DU elections, the election hype in North campus is far grander than that of South campus. Since the entire North campus can be covered on foot, rallies are popular around the time of elections. From intense speeches to chocolate bribes for votes, it’s a fun and noisy event!

student of North campus

6. The Ridge

The Ridge is a forested area where almost all the North campus students have gone to hang out at least once in their lives! Whether you want to go for a run or want to get some cool photos taken, The Ridge is the place to be. Just be careful of all the monkeys running around, they are quite crafty and almost always steal your food.

7. Unending queues

The Vishwavidyalaya station is the only one where the women’s queue at the security check is longer than the men’s queue. This is thanks to the two only-girls colleges in North campus! The queues become so long that, at times, it extends all the way out and even covers the entire length of the metro station! It’ll make you wish you hadn’t spent so much on lunch and rather saved that money to take an auto home. :P

student of North campus

By: Ann Mary John

Ann Mary is currently pursuing a degree in Economics at St.Stephen’s College, Delhi. She is passionate about books and writing. She considers coffee her first love and music her second and Boney M is her all-time favorite band.

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