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11 AMAZING Dance Songs To Shake Off All Your Blues!

11 AMAZING Dance Songs To Shake Off All Your Blues!

In most parts of the country, the Sun God has decided to make his own sauna! So instead of “sweating” about it, how about dancing off all the summer stress? And, hey! You really do not have to be Shakira to hit the dance floor. There are all kinds of dancing! The stress reliever dance, the post-breakup dance, the my-hormones-are-wreaking-a-havoc-inside-my-body dance and, of course, the ultimate and the best one, the ainvayi-dance! Here are some of our favorite songs right now that you can groove on right now!
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1. Cham Cham

Perfect for dancing in the rain with your bestie! Or your boyfriend! ;)
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2. Sigala - Easy Love

For the pop, lock ,snap snap dance when you have had too much cool-aid!
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3. Dil Cheez Tujhe Dedi

The sultry undertones make it oh-so-perfect! Just what you need when you feel like you wanna slide and glide and twirl!
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4. Fuse ODG - Dangerous Love

Grab your guy and get grooving on this one! Perfect foreplay or what?!
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5. Malhari

The energy here is just intoxicating! You cannot NOT dance on this one!
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6. Can’t Stop The Feeling!

Save this one for the roadtrip day with your girl gang! Or even the metro trip everyday… Because, Justin Timberlake *sigh*
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7. Rock The Party

The Bombay Rockers are back with a bang! This throwback will make you dance like it's the 1990s!
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8. Silentó - Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)

This song is all the rage right now! Minimal lyrics but boombastic effect. It's SO addictive and you can experiment with all kinds of crazzzzzyyy steps on this one!
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9. High Heels Te Nachche

For the days you just want to wear your gorgeous red heels, flip your hair back and go all Shakira on the world!
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10. Icona Pop - I Love it (I don't care)

THIS is all you need if you have broken up, when you're mad at your boyfriend or if you JUST want to scream! Perfect for venting out!
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11. Kar Gayi Chull

In case you haven’t already put it on your playlist - 'coz there ain't no desi song that'll get you grooving like this hot number!
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Published on Jun 27, 2016
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