9 Things You’ll Totally Get If You Just CANNOT Keep A Secret!

9 Things You’ll Totally Get If You Just CANNOT Keep A Secret!
For some people, keeping a secret feels like suffering from indigestion and finding a cure in verbal diarrhoea. It's not that others do not trust them or that they are not trustworthy. But they find it very hard to trust themselves not to blurt out secrets. Sounds familiar? If so, you can definitely empathize with these situations!

1. When you say "no spoilers please", my brain hears the opposite

I have watched the latest Game of Thrones episode and if you don't want a spoiler, stay away from social media... And me.

1 cannot keep a secret

2. The Chinese whisper game feels like going to therapy

Because no-one wins at spreading secrets like you do… And it's totally guilt-free!

3. But playing "Secret Santa" is no fun

You usually out yourself as the Santa months before Christmas.

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3 cannot keep a secret

4. You wish your mouth had an off button

You often wonder why modern technology has not made a remote control that will allow a person to mute oneself.

5. Your heart sinks when someone unloads their deepest, darkest secrets on you

Inside you are screaming, “No... Stop! I don't want to hear this.”

5 cannot keep a secret

6. You have a soft corner for shows revolving around secrets

In a glamorous version of your life, you see yourself as a well-put-together lead character on Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars.

7. You do not understand Clark Kent and Peter Parker

If you were Superman or Spiderman, you would not be able to NOT reveal yourself to the world. 7 cannot keep a secret

8. This also means letting go of your childhood ambition of becoming a spy

You know that if you are ever kidnapped by the enemy camp, they don't need to resort to torture to get national secrets out of you.

9. But you always dare to tell the truth!

Perhaps you really don't have a choice, but the plus side of being unable to keep secrets is you are always open about yourself and your friends know they can count on you for honesty.

9 cannot keep a secret

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